Young India is tired of Modi government’s betrayal: Congress ReadingS


The Congress on Monday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government and the BJP of crushing the dreams and aspirations of India’s youth.

Referring to the recent incident in Telangana, where a young woman climbed an electric pole at a rally and tried to convey something to Prime Minister Modi, Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge said, “Young India is tired of the Modi Government’s rank betrayal.”

Prime Minister Modi had to interrupt his speech at the rally last week after he noticed that the young woman had climbed a structure with fixed lights. He repeatedly asked the young woman to come downstairs, saying that the condition of the electrical cables was not good.

Trying to convey something to Modi, he said in Hindi: “Beta (child), I will listen to you. Please come down and sit down. It may short circuit. This is not true. I came for you guys. There’s no use doing things like that.”

In a post on X, Kharge claimed that young Indians crave jobs, but in return they have the highest unemployment rate in 45 years. “They wanted economic empowerment, but in return the BJP delivered a backbreaking price hike that reduced their savings to a 47-year low,” he wrote.

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