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Written order issued to stop hearing of chairman PTI in jail in Cipher case

Islamabad: The Islamabad High Court, in its written order to stay the jail case of chairman PTI in the Cipher case, said that in view of the case, the prison case of chairman PTI cannot be called a public hearing.

According to details, the Islamabad High Court issued a written order to stay the imprisonment proceedings of President PTI in the Cipher case; Justice Gul Hasan Aurangzeb and Justice Taman Rifat Imtiaz issued the written order.

It is said that the hearing of President PTI in prison cannot be called a public hearing, and no documents were recorded that would fulfill the prerequisites of the hearing.

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In the written order, it was stated that the Attorney General said that the Federal Cabinet had approved the imprisonment case of President PTI, the Attorney General could not submit a copy of the Federal Cabinet decision to the court and could not submit a summary. The cabinet decided based on this.

The court panel said that the necessary document should be recorded in order to decide the case based on justice, and the legal point affecting the appellant’s fundamental rights should also be decided in the light of the document.

The ruling stated that, assuming the federal cabinet approves the legal requirements for prison hearings, the legal status of prison hearings currently being conducted has not yet been determined as to whether the hearing is invalid or merely a mistrial.

news source (dailyausaf.com)


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