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Rangalibajana: Durga Puja is going to be held again in Raipara of Madarihat by the initiative of women. Once there was a puja in Raipara of Khairbari village panchayat of Madarihat in Alipurduar district. But due to various reasons, the puja moved to the other side of the river. Universal Durga Puja is going to be organized in that village again this year on the initiative of women. For the first time, women will perform the duties of Puja. So the women officials have to repeatedly calculate the puja. Because they don’t have the experience of conducting puja before.

According to the sources of the puja committee, the residents of Raipara were upset as the puja of their area was moved to another village panchayat area. There was no puja in Raipara for three or four years. This year the women of self-help groups of the area held a meeting. Pooja should be done anyway. Pooja committee officials say, no matter how simple, there is a different joy of Pooja near one’s own home. Organizing a puja is stressful. But it cannot be accepted that puja will not be held in one’s own neighborhood.

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