Why does Fadnavis feel like he is the Chief Minister even today ?; What is the political meaning behind the statement? | Why devendra fadnavis said, Never felt I am no longer chief minister?

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devendra fadnavis

Mumbai: Leader of Opposition Devendra Fadnavis has said that he still feels like he is the Chief Minister. So once again the political debate has gained momentum. The political meaning of this statement of Fadnavis is also being taken out. Why did Fadnavis make this statement now? Such a question is being asked and arguments are also being fought.

What exactly did Fadnavis say?

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Meanwhile, Devendra Fadnavis had made this statement at a program in Navi Mumbai. With leaders like you behind me, I don’t think I’m a CM. The people have never let me know that I am not the Chief Minister. You have made me aware that I am still the Chief Minister. I think I am still the Chief Minister. He has been traveling around the state continuously for the last two years. People’s love has not diminished. It doesn’t matter what position the person is in. What matters is what he does, said Fadnavis.

Statement made by seeing the crowd

These statements are made by looking at the crowd in front. Are done by looking at the response of the crowd. It should not be taken too seriously. But leaders should be serious about making such statements. Because they can become trolls. Can be ridiculed on social media. We have to make careful statements on social media. Therefore, leaders should be vigilant. So no matter which party leader he is, he should avoid such statements. It’s time to headline the news. These are the statements made by looking at the response up front. But he used to laugh when he made such statements openly, said political analyst Vijay Chormare.

There are no signs of independence

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BJP is frustrated that it is not in power. Even from that, such statements keep coming. Now take the example of yesterday. He reacted to the closure yesterday. The BJP leaders did not need to make such a confrontation. It is okay to protest by reacting to such a serious issue. But the clash they made was not right, saying there is no sign of independence. These statements are just for applause, said Vijay Chormare.

So Fadnavis spoke

Fadnavis’s statement has no political meaning. I just run into the crisis of the masses. The Chief Minister does not even turn around. The purpose of Fadnavis is to make me realize that I have to do what the Chief Minister should do. I walk around with you all day as if I were the Chief Minister. He also wanted to suggest that the real Chief Minister is sitting at home. He also wanted to inculcate in me that the Chief Minister should be like me and should be a wanderer. That is why Fadnavis must have made this statement, said Abhimanyu Shitole, a senior political journalist of ‘Navbharat Times’.

It is a tragedy that Fadnavis has to speak

It’s funny that they think I’m the chief minister. I also want to show them that I am the Chief Minister in the minds of the people. But it is a tragedy that he has to speak for himself to inculcate in the minds of the people that he is the Chief Minister, says Abhimanyu Shitole.

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(why devendra fadnavis said, Never felt I am no longer chief minister?)

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