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Who was Bhagwan Baba in whose name Gopinath Munde started the Dussehra festival? | Who was shree sant bhagwan baba? know brief history


Beads: The four gatherings in the state on the day of Dussehra are very important. One is the Shiv Sena’s Dussehra rally at Shivaji Park. The second is the gathering of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh at the Silk Garden in Nagpur. The third is the conversion ceremony of the Ambedkarite people at the initiation ground of Nagpur and the fourth is the Dussehra gathering of BJP leader Pankaja Munde at Bhagwan Gada. In all these four fairs, the gold of ideas is looted. After the death of BJP leader Gopinath Munde, Bhagwan Gad came into the limelight after a dispute over a rally at Bhagwan Gad. What exactly is the history of Bhagwan Gad? Who was Bhagwan Baba? This light cast on it.

How did the fort get its name?

Savargaon is in Parli taluka of Beed district. This place is Bhagwangad. The fort is known by the name of Lord Baba. This is where Lord Baba lived. This fort was formerly known as Dhaumyagad or Dhumyagad. However, after Bhagwan Baba settled in this place, he started repairing this dilapidated fort. Therefore, this fort came to be known as Bhagwan Baba. The fort was inaugurated in 1958 by the first Chief Minister of the state, Yashwantrao Chavan.

Who was Lord Baba?

Bhagwan Baba’s original name was Abaji Tubaji Sanap. He is originally from Savargaon Ghat. He came to this Dhaumyagada and recited kirtan and preached continuously. This is where he started the Dindi ceremonies. Therefore, Dhaumyagad came to the center of Beed district. Bhagwan Baba died in 1965. After that Bhimsen Maharaj took over the throne of the fort. Since then, Namdev Maharaj Shastri has been working on the fort since 2003.

Shraddhapeeth of sugarcane workers

Bhagwangad is a place of worship for sugarcane workers. It is also a place of worship for the Vanjari community. Devotees of Bhagwangada live in about 45 constituencies in the state. People were coming to Bhagwangada from the past. However, Bhagwangad became more popular due to the late leader Gopinath Munde. As Gopinath Munde emerged in politics, so did the popularity of Bhagwangada.

Tradition of Dussehra festival

The festival at Bhagwan Gada has a tradition of 50 years. Gopinath Munde himself had been holding the rally for 35 years. After Bhagwan Baba built the fort, the first gathering was held at the fort. Bhagwan Baba had held the first Dussehra festival in the presence of the first Chief Minister of the state Yashwantrao Chavan.

What’s the argument?

Gopinath Munde used to celebrate Dussehra at Bhagwangada in Pathardi taluka of Nagar district. He started this tradition in 1994. He continued this tradition for many years. After Munde’s death, Pankaja Munde continued this tradition. However, in 2016, the rally was marred by controversy. The abbot of the fort, Namdev Shastri, refused to hold the meeting. So there was an argument. However, even after that, Pankaja addressed the people by holding a rally at the foot of Bhagwan Gad at Pathardi. However, in 2017, when the question arose as to where to hold the Dussehra Melawa, Pankaja Munde started holding the Dussehra Melawa at Savargaon in Patoda taluka, the birthplace of Lord Baba. Savargaon Ghat is 50 km from Bhagwangada. Pankaj started a new tradition from this place.

Such is the monument

Savargaon is the birthplace of Lord Baba. A grand monument of Lord Baba was erected in this village in an acre and a half. His old castle was repaired. A Samadhi temple was also built. Ahmednagar sculptor Pramod Kamble made a 25 feet idol of Lord Baba. Pankaja Munde built another Bhagwan Bhaktigarh in Savargaon. Gopinath Munde developed Bhagwangada, while Pankaja Munde focused on the development of Bhagwan Baba’s birthplace. Pankaja Munde has also erected a grand platform on the occasion of Dussehra. From 2017, they started holding Dussehra festival on this new Bhagwan Bhaktigad. However, last year’s lockdown broke that tradition. Pankaja Munde had to hold an online rally.

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(who was shree sant bhagwan baba? know brief history)