What is the background behind the escalation of ‘halal’ food controversy in Kerala? – one look


What is the background behind the escalation of ‘halal’ food controversy in Kerala? – one look

‘Halal’ is an Arabic word. This means what is permissible or permissible in Islam. Islamists often eat their food only after it has been made ‘halal’. IsLaProducts that are not used in religion, such as wine or pork, are called ‘halal’. However, a major controversy has erupted in Kerala over the issue of ‘halal’. Let’s look at this in detail.

The problem of ‘halal’ food is intensifying in Kerala. The problem arose when it was revealed that ‘Halal’ certified whipping was used to make offerings at the Sabarimala Iyappan Temple. Aravana Payasam and bread are offered at the Sabarimala Iyappan Temple. Videos have been released regarding the presence of ‘Halal’ label in the sacks used to make these offerings. This is causing controversy as there is currently a full-fledged discussion and campaign on social media about ‘halal’ food in Kerala.

Kumar, who is the co-ordinator of the Sabarimala Karma Samiti, took the matter to court. He filed a petition in a Kerala court seeking an injunction against the use of ‘halal-labeled jaggery’ for the preparation of aravana payasam and bread.


It is an attempt to disrupt religious harmony. The winery is being exported by a Maharashtra-based company. The company has been supplying Vellam since 2019. The company had inadvertently shipped sacks with ‘halal’ stamps that were made to be shipped to Gulf countries.

In the case of Sabarimala, the quality of the jaggery used to make the offerings is being tested in a laboratory in Bombay. Even after the offering is made, its quality is tested in the laboratory at Sannidan before being offered to the devotees. Thus no mistake was made. So they are spreading misinformation with intent. “

The BJP and the Sanghparivar organizations have not remained silent after this explanation. Instead, they are intensifying their campaign against ‘halal’ food. BJP Kerala state president K Surendran said, “We have not been able to stop the rise of extremism in Kerala. There is a feeling among the public that Kerala is becoming Syria. ‘Halal’ meat shops are overflowing across the state. We strongly oppose the placement of ‘Halal’ billboards in restaurants. It is a conspiracy to divide people in the name of food. Therefore, ‘halal’ billboards should be removed from restaurant shops immediately. “


According to him, Hindu organizations are currently campaigning against halal food on websites. At the same time, “ the BJP and Sanghparivar organizations are mixing religion with food. The aim of their campaign is to sow communal hatred in the name of food. ” A variety of dishes are prepared and served to the people.

It is said that fish, poultry, mutton, beef and pork are being sold in Kerala worth Rs 10,000 crore annually. 85% of this meat is sold following the ‘halal’ method. So, they are mixing communalism in the BJP diet to divert the attention of Hindus in Kerala. After the defeat in the last assembly elections, the BJP leaders were embroiled in a theft case and sought to humiliate their own party. Now they have taken up the issue of ‘halal’, “said CPM state secretary A. Vijayaraja.

As the ‘jihad’ controversy over Islamists has been widely raised in Kerala recently, so has the ‘halal’ controversy.

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