What could happen in the event of a draw while the memories of 2019 are still fresh? ReadingS


Each team will have six balls and two wickets to score the maximum possible number of runs. The team with the most runs will be declared the winner. If the Super Over also ends in a draw, another Super Over will follow and then another Super Over until a result is achieved, depending on time and weather conditions.

Normally, subsequent Super Overs will be played five minutes after the end of the previous one.

The team that batted second in the previous Super Over will bat first in the next Super Over. Similarly, a side on the field will pitch on any at-bat following the opposite end from which it had previously pitched.

Balls selected by each team in the previous Super Over may be reused by the same team in any subsequent Super Over.

Any batsman dismissed in a previous Super Over is ineligible to bat in a subsequent Super Over. Similarly, any player who bowled in the previous Super Over is not allowed to bowl in the next Super Over.

If, despite best efforts, the Super Over cannot be completed due to weather or another incident on the match day and reserve day, the two teams (in this case India and Australia) will be declared joint winners. League standings or net run rates from previous matches will play no role in determining the winner.

news source (www.nationalheraldindia.com)


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