What can fireworks exploding for several hours do? It’s only one evening a year, right? ReadingS


Gokhale was more direct and harsh. “BJP’s idea of ​​Hindu pride is to suffocate you and your children with poisonous air and destroy your heart and lung health by asking you to burst crackers. Remember, these rich people grandchildren BJP boys live in Lutyen’s homes with multiple air purifiers and have access to the best medical treatment. They have never had to struggle for oxygen during Covid like you do. By falling into their toxic social agenda, you are only destroying your own families. “They won’t be with you when you fall,” he shared.

The media remains a major culprit, failing to convey the real health risks of fireworks contributing to poor air quality, as well as the fact that BJP leaders were among those campaigning for a ban on fireworks.

The then Minister of Health, Dr., who was also an ENT specialist. “India Social Responsibility Network (ISBN), a little-known NGO based in Delhi”, which has BJP stalwarts like Harsh Vardhan and Mallika in its governing body, had also demanded the ban. BJP president JP Nadda and MP Vinay Sahasrabuddhe’s wife Nadda.

news source (www.nationalheraldindia.com)


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