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ISLAMABAD: There has been a significant increase in carjacking cases in the capital city with more than 86 cases of carjacking reported to different police stations of the city last week.

According to the data collected Job RecorderLast week, more than 51 cases of snatching of mobile phones and cash at gunpoint, more than 22 cases of robbery and two cases of kidnapping were registered at various police stations.

During the period under review, criminal gangs were most active within the limits of Industrial Area, Karachi Corporation, Kohsar, Aabpara, Ramna, Shams colony, Koral, Lohi Bher, Ramna, Tarnol and Shezad Town police stations.

During the same period, auto thieves stole nine motorcycles from Aabpara border, eight bikes and one car from Industrial Area police station limits, eight motorcycles and one car, six motorcycles and two motorcycles from Kohsar police station limits. Cars falling under the jurisdiction of Ramna police station.

Additionally, car thieves stole six bikes and a car from the limits of Karachi Corporation police station and also removed six motorcycles from the limits of Shehzad Town police station.

Last week, robbers attacked three places, gunmen snatched seven mobile phones and car thieves stole nine vehicles from within the limits of the Industrial Zone police station. Karachi Corporation police station recorded five cases of mobile snatching, one case of robbery and seven cases of auto theft during the last week.

Similarly, robbers looted two houses from Koshar police station limits and car thieves stole nine vehicles, auto thieves stole nine vehicles from Aabpara police station limits; Two cases of mobile phone snatching and eight cases of auto theft were also reported to Ramna police station. last week.

Besides, eight cases of auto theft and seven cases of snatching of mobile phones were reported to Shams colony, while four cases of robbery and four cases of auto theft were reported to Lohi Bher police station.

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