‘We have no right to give electricity, we are not proud to raise the electricity tariff’ – Sellur Raju RS News

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Former minister Sellur Raju has severely criticized that Tamil Nadu has now become a drug state under the DMK regime, which said it would ban alcohol if it comes to power.

On the occasion of the 114th birth anniversary of Guru Anna, a public meeting was held near the Madurai South Masi Road TM Court under the leadership of former AIADMK Minister Sellur Raju. Former AIADMK Minister Sellur Raju, who participated in this, said, “Chief Minister M. K. Stalin said that once he comes to power, there will not be even a drop of alcohol, but now Tamil Nadu has become a drug state, seeing the prediction of M. K. Stalin, who was the opposition party at that time, the ADMK regime was overthrown in 3 months. He said that he will leave. He said that he will give dawn in the DMK regime, he gave us darkness and we never got dawn.”


He also said, “If a shirt is torn, they patch it and sew it, just like when Chief Minister Stalin came to Madurai, they put a Batch Road on top of the road instead of building a road. The Finance Minister who gives money to Tamil Nadu does not give money only to Madurai. The DMK says Dravida model government, they have no right to give electricity, they are not proud to raise the electricity bill. “The Chief Minister who is ruling without doing anything for the people is posing well. Women’s entitlements have not been given yet and the senior citizen’s stipend scheme is being frozen,” Selur Raju slammed.

Continuing, he said, “A.Rasa said that those who take kumkum are children of adulterers, Andimuthu Rasa today has become A.Rasa by taking the tax money of the poor, it is not enough to say that he is ruling like Jayalalitha. We need to condemn the atrocity in the DMK party, we need a leadership that condemns it. Taking the votes of Hindus and talking bad about Hindus is not enough. “Justice in any way. There is no security for women, guards and government officials under the DMK regime. We should teach a lesson in the coming parliamentary elections to the DMK, which has come to power by deceiving everyone,” said Sellur Raju.



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