Viral Video: Mother elephant blesses Tamil Nadu forest officials for reuniting with her baby | Mother Elephant Blesses Forest Officials After Being Reunited With Its Calf skvd RS News

Mother-Baby Elephant Reunited : Elephants are herd animals. Suddenly the chicks escape. Aren’t elephants like little children who have run away at the fair?

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Mother elephant with baby

Viral Video : A mother elephant who has lost her baby is equally sad. A child who has lost its mother is equally sad. Tamil Nadu Forest Officers have been successful in reuniting the mother and cub. Overjoyed by this, the mother elephant thanked the forest officials by blessing them. IFS officer Susanta Nanda shared this video on Twitter.

Elephants are family animals and therefore tend to move in herds. However, sometimes such stray chicks are separated from the past. Then the elephants were like little children who had run away from the fair.

After watching this video, the elephant coming with the baby raises its trunk and joins the forest after blessing the forest officials. This video has been viewed by more than one and a half lakh people. The netizens have praised the forest officials of Tamil Nadu for this matter.

It is a very beautiful scene. Your work is commendable. “Elephants are always precious,” said a Twitter user. Another person said, ‘Wishes on behalf of animal lovers to the forest staff who performed their duty honestly in difficult conditions’. Another wished that ‘Aranya Sibindi who has done this noble work will be well.’

On this occasion, it may be recalled that the video of the Chhattisgarh authorities adding a female who had escaped from the herd to the herd went viral last month.

‘We came to know that this Mariane was separated from the herd for a month. Within 15 minutes we reached the place where the cub was. Jashpur Divisional Forest Officer Jitendra said after checking its health, we added it back to the herd.

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