Viral Video: Hey, what’s this.. You can’t laugh at all when you see the hardships of singles! RS News

Since the rise of internet use, the use of social media has increased. Common people are choosing different ways to make themselves famous. Some people are singing songs and others are entertaining with dances. Some show their own comedy timing.. others try strange dishes and become famous. But not only those who became famous through social media. Meanwhile, a recent video is doing the rounds on social media. Netizens are laughing when they see it. Let’s find out why the video is so late..

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Not to mention the single king’s songs. From washing clothes.. to cooking.. the difficulties of singles are indescribable. In this order, a young man tried to cook. And it was a bit confusing. The young man was cooking chapati on a small gas stove in his room. Meanwhile, Manodi doesn’t know what hit him, but he throws the chapati on the pen and tries to catch it again. He tried in that order. But just before this, the stick from his head blew away and fell on him. So.. like.. the whole scene is reversed. Currently, the visuals related to this are going viral.


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Meanwhile, an Instagram page called has uploaded it on social media. Seeing this, the netizens lined up and shouted with funny comments. So far this video has received more than 15 thousand views.. More than thousand likes have been received. ‘Sin! The netizens wrote that the sufferings of singles are like this.



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