Villagers burn effigy of Yogesh Dhama demand not to give ticket to MLA in baghpat | Villagers burn effigy, demand not to give ticket to MLA


Villagers burn effigy of Yogesh Dhama demand not to give ticket to MLA in baghpat | Villagers burn effigy, demand not to give ticket to MLA

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Yogesh Dhama

In the assembly elections to be held in Uttar Pradesh, on February 10, voting will be held in many districts including Baghpat, Shamli, Meerut, Ghaziabad, Gautam Buddha Nagar, Hapur. The parties have not even announced their candidates yet. Just before that, two videos from the Baghpat assembly have gone viral on social media. In the viral video, some villagers are opposing BJP MLA Yogesh Dhama, making serious allegations against him. While villagers are protesting outside the house of UP in-charge Dharmendra Pradhan in Delhi, his effigy is being burnt in protest against the BJP MLA. In these videos going viral on social media, there is a conspiracy being hatched against the BJP MLA or there is anger among the people towards him, it will be known only in the coming elections, but this video has definitely brought the MLA to the dock. .

Protest against MLA Yogesh Dhama

Baghpat assembly seat is a seat which if not mentioned in the election seems incomplete. Baghpat who gave the country not only the Home Minister, Finance Minister, Aviation Minister, Energy Minister but even the Prime Minister of the country. That Baghpat which is considered an important seat politically. Yogesh Dhama of BJP is the sitting MLA from this Baghpat seat. There is a discussion that this time also BJP is giving him the ticket of the assembly, IGing its faith in him. But just before the election, the villagers have come out openly against BJP MLA Yogesh Dhama. Slogans are being fiercely against him on social media. People are making all kinds of serious allegations against him. Some are telling them mining mafia… some liquor mafia and some are telling them something else. Their effigies are being burnt. People are demanding not to give ticket to Yogesh Dhama in the viral video.

wooing voters and polarization of votes

At the same time, Nawab Ahmed Hameed, the alliance candidate from RLD-SP is standing in front of him in this seat. RLD has tried to woo Muslim voters and polarize votes in their favor by giving their ticket to Muslim faces. The family of Nawab Ahmed Hameed has been a political family. His grandfather Shaukat Hameed and his father Nawab Kokab Hameed have also reached the assembly by contesting from the Baghpat Vidhan Sabha seat. The late Nawab Kokab Hameed was considered a leader of a clean image. That is why he was elected MLA by winning this seat not once or twice but seven times.

Let us tell you that there can be a direct contest between RLD and BJP on the seat. In such a situation, political stirring has started after these two different videos went viral on social media. However, till now BJP MLA Yogesh Dhama has not given any reaction from his side. BJP MLAs are not even picking up the calls of the media.

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