Video: Goggles on the eyes, the steering wheel of the tractor in hand, and Joey’s abandoned swag, why is the dog driving the tractor roaring all over the world? | Dog drives a tractor in the field shows swag after wearing pink frock australia farmer viral video


Joey the tractor driver

Have you ever heard of a dog driving a tractor? If not, today we are going to tell you about a dog that drives a tractor. The dog drives the tractor that takes the sheep from grazing to the nursery to the field. The dog is from Staffordshire, Australia. Many have fallen in love with this dog’s swag. (dog drives a tractor in the field shows swag after wearing pink frock australia farmer viral video)

Joey known as ‘The Wonderdog’

In Staffordshire, there is a clever dog named Joey. Who can not only do skateboarding, but also easy surfing in the sea. Joey has a lot of talent, but his best job is to drive a tractor without any help. He does this in the nursery of his owner Brian Richelt in Queensland, Australia. That is why he is also known as ‘The Wonderdog’. As you can see in this photo, the dog is wearing a pink frock and sunglasses and is seen driving a tractor.

Watch Joey’s old video:

Command on the tractor without any help

According to a report in the Daily Star, Joanne has placed both her legs on the steering wheel of the tractor, while the other two legs are left in the seat. He looks around. The vegetables are placed in a tractor trolley, which Joey is carrying through the fields.

Joey’s Instagram and Facebook account

This video first surfaced in March 2018. But recently a video of it has also been posted on Tiktak, as Tiktak is banned in India, we can watch its old video. “This is my first experience working on a tractor and I’m excited to do it,” Brian wrote in a TickTock video. Joey has his own Instagram account and Facebook page. Where Brian keeps sharing all his interesting things. It also has great videos of swimming, skateboarding and surfing.

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