Vasai: New cleanup marshal to be appointed; In the final stage of the selection process | Vasai New cleanup marshal to be appointed amy 95 RS News

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The municipality has started the process of appointing a new contractor after canceling the contract of the existing cleanup marshal. This process is in the final stage and next month the cleanup marshal concept will be implemented in the entire city through a single contractor. Vasai Virar Municipal Corporation has already canceled the contracts of all 9 contractors in the city due to increasing complaints against cleanup marshals and their inefficiency.

Vasai Virar Municipal Corporation had appointed Cleanup Marshal in 2018 to take punitive action against citizens who pollute the city. For this, 9 independent contractors were appointed in 9-wards of the city. These cleanup marshals were empowered to take 30 different types of punitive action against those who spit on the streets, throw garbage and deface the city. According to the agreement, 20% of the fine was given to the contractor and the remaining 80% was given to the municipal corporation. It had powers to take punitive action against hoteliers, shopkeepers, paan tapramyas, vendors, hawkers, people shouting on the streets, pasting posters, manufacturers, hoteliers etc. However, without taking any action against them, action was taken only against those who spit on the road and throw garbage, no action was taken against any hawkers, shopkeepers. It was alleged that a big financial transaction was going on behind this.

As there were nine different contractors in nine wards, the municipality also had no control over him. This increased the nuisance of this cleaner marshal. Due to these increasing complaints and the failure of Cleanup Marshall to collect fines, the municipality has finally decided to cancel the contract of all these nine contractors. Now, instead of a new contractor, only one contractor will be appointed in the city. The process of appointment of new cleanup marshall contractor is in final stage. Currently, the inspection process is going on and the new cleanup marshal contract will start by next month, informed the health inspector of the municipality, Nilesh Jadhav.

Previous contractor controversial
This clean up marshal’s contract was controversial from day one. Common citizens were being obstructed by cleanup marshals. Fines were collected from the common citizens ignoring them. There were frequent complaints of bullying citizens and rude behavior towards women. During the Corona period, the punitive action taken against those who did not wear the mask was also in controversy.


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