US President: Israel must temporarily halt its ‘war’ in Gaza ReadingS


US President Joe Biden said that Israel should temporarily stop its war in Gaza on humanitarian grounds.

According to the Middle East news agency Al Jazeera, the US President called on Israel to stop the war. “I think there should be a temporary pause in the war,” he said, referring to an event.

While Joe Biden says that this break will be the time to release the prisoners, he also wants all American citizens in Gaza to be evacuated during this break. Let us also point out that this statement of the US President shows the change in the attitude of the White House.

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The White House has previously claimed that we did not instruct Israel on how to conduct military operations. We did not draw a red line for Israel, we will continue to support it in any situation.

A video of a Jewish woman mocking President Biden and demanding a ceasefire in Gaza during Joe Biden’s same election campaign speech went viral on social media.

In response to the Jewish woman, President Biden said, “I think the war should be paused so the hostages can be taken out.”

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