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Although attacks on hospitals in Gaza have been condemned worldwide, the United States has come out to defend Israel’s attacks on Al Shafa Hospital, calling for command and control over Al Shafa Hospital, which is filled with patients and hundreds of displaced civilians seeking shelter. Hamas headquarters.

In the statement from the White House, justifying Israel’s attacks on Shafa Hospital, it was stated that Hamas established a command and control center in Shafa Hospital in Gaza.

While justifying the Israeli attacks, US National Security Spokesperson John Kirby, citing US intelligence sources, said that Hamas had stored weapons in Shafa Hospital and that they were ready to respond to Israel’s military intervention.

Hamas responded to the US statement by saying that the White House’s words fueled more ‘massacres’ in Gaza hospitals.

In its statement, the White House reiterated Israel’s justification for the attack on hospitals in Gaza, claiming that Hamas fighters used certain hospitals as shields.

On the other hand, former US presidential candidate and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also supported the attack on Israel’s Shafa hospital.

Speaking at an event, Hillary Clinton said that those who oppose the ceasefire and attacks on hospitals in Gaza do not recognize Hamas. President Joe Biden took the right step by not calling for a full ceasefire. Is.

The former US Secretary of State said that those calling for a ceasefire live in another world, but they do not know Hamas, they use hospitals as shields, and that the ceasefire will be a gift to them to prepare for the next attack. He may prepare and launch another attack on October 7.

Hillary Clinton defended Israel’s humanitarian strikes in Gaza, saying the ceasefire froze the conflict rather than solving it, so Israel should continue its attacks until Hamas is crushed.

On the other hand, Omer Shakir, Human Rights Watch’s Israel and Palestine Human Rights Director, rejected Israel’s justification and the US’s defense, and said that even if it was proven that Hamas used the hospital for its military operations, then Israel would use this hospital. Additionally, according to international law, an effective warning must be given before an attack on a hospital.

He said that this situation is very worrying because thousands of displaced people in Gaza are currently taking shelter in hospitals in Gaza, including Shafa. In such a situation, it is very important in terms of international humanitarian law to warn civilians before the attack so that they can move to safe places.

On the other hand, the White House said in its statement after the attack on ┼×afa Hospital that hospitals and patients should be protected.

White House Spokesperson said that the USA does not support an attack on any hospital and does not want to see an attack on a hospital where innocent, helpless and patients are trying to get medical help and hospitals and patients are protected. to be provided

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