Uran: CIDCO exterminated farmers in the name of development, senior architect Chandrasekhar Prabhu asserted at Gavthan Haq Parishad | CIDCO wiped out farmers in the name of development asserts senior architect Chandrasekhar Prabhu amy 95 RS News

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Architects think about what will happen after the next hundred years, but the leaders do not know what will happen in 50 years, that’s why CIDCO has taken the lands of farmers in Navi Mumbai and destroyed them in the name of development, senior architect Chandrasekhar Prabhu said while speaking at the village rights conference held in Uran on Saturday. A large number of CIDCO project victims from various villages of Uran, Panvel and Navi Mumbai attended this conference.

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The conference was organized by Gavthan Haq Parishad in the intellectual hall of JNPT workers colony. JNPT labor leader Comrade Bhushan Patil presided over the conference. In the council, the government should change the order issued on February 25, 2022 to regularize the houses of the project victims. In this, convener Ramchandra Mhatre presented a resolution demanding that the land under the houses of the project victims should be named by the government with the permanent ownership rights of the project victims. This resolution was supported by all present. On this occasion, Sudhakar Patil, Janardan Bhoir, Madhusudan Mhatre, Santosh Pawar, Suresh Patil, Mukund Patil, Dhanwanti Thakur and D. R.Gharat and others presented their suggestions. Similarly, the president of 95 village committee Adv. Suresh Thakur was present. Sanjay Thakur made the introduction.

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Speaking further at this time, Prabhu said that development needs vision but leaders only think of five years. Farmers did not have the capacity to anticipate what would happen after 1970. But d. Ba. Patil made the farmers aware of the value of their land and said that they should not sell their land. Tried to convince that Rakha. Therefore, the Parbandar (Shivadi-Nhawa) route coming into Uran will give more value to the lands here than gold. But the farmers have done injustice to the next generation by selling the land. He informed that in the law of 12 and a half percent, the plot cannot be sold. So think about the future and do your own development, for that the land under the house should not be leased, but owned. Be united for that because the government has made the law to give ownership of land on lease in 2020. Therefore, while speaking in this conference, Prabhu also promised to provide all necessary technical assistance to the project victims to take responsibility for their own development to build a new society.


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