up election 2022 apna dal k leader krishna patel meet akhilesh yadav uP Election 2022: Mother and daughter face to face, who will have the upper hand?


up election 2022 apna dal k leader krishna patel meet akhilesh yadav uP Election 2022: Mother and daughter face to face, who will have the upper hand?

Lucknow: Political stirring is intensifying in Uttar Pradesh regarding the upcoming assembly elections (UP Assembly Election 2022). All political parties have entered the electoral fray with rallies, public meetings and lucrative promises, but compared to the last few elections, this year’s election (UP Election 2022) is looking very interesting and aggressive because the only objective of the parties is clearly visible. It has been that how Yogi’s fort should be demolished. In this connection, the era of alliance with smaller parties is going on in UP. On Wednesday, Apna Dal (K) leader Krishna Patel met Akhilesh Yadav and indicated an alliance.

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  • Krishna Patel will form an alliance with SP
  • Party divided into two factions after Sonelal Patel
  • kurmi voter watch

This time the election is not going to be so easy for BJP because in the last 2017 assembly elections, BJP created history by winning 125 out of 164 seats in Purvanchal with the help of alliance with OP Rajbhar’s party, but this time OP Rajbhar Are in the SP camp.

Krishna Patel will contest elections with SP

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On Wednesday, Krishna Patel, the president of Apna Dal S and mother of Mirzapur MP Anupriya Patel, met SP supremo Akhilesh Yadav and announced an alliance. Krishna Patel will also participate in the election campaign along with the SP, although no information has been given about seat-sharing yet.
On the other hand, Apna Dal S President Anupriya Patel’s alliance is with BJP.

Anupriya Patel is with BJP

Anupriya Patel contested in the Lok Sabha elections from 2014-2019 and in the 2017 assembly elections in alliance with the BJP. In such a situation, when mother and daughter will be face to face in the electoral field, it will be very interesting to see who will be able to show how much power in the political field of UP.

Party divided into two factions after Sonelal Patel

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Let us inform that Sonelal Patel had formed Apna Dal in 1995. He was a well-known leader of his time and had a strong presence in the Kurmi community in eastern Uttar Pradesh. After the death of Sonelal Patel in 2009, the command of the party came in the hands of his wife Krishna Patel. Later due to family differences, daughter Anupriya Patel formed her own separate party Apna Dal (Sonelal) in 2016. The family fight also reached the court.

Apna Dal divided between mother and daughter

Due to controversies, Krishna Patel formed a new party named Apna Dal (Communist). Although Krishna Patel has not got any success in any election so far, in 2019 elections, alliance with Congress and contested on two seats but he did not get any success. Whereas Anupriya Patel won 3 times by contesting the elections with BJP and managed to prove herself. At present, Anupriya Patel is the Minister of State for Commerce and Industry in the Modi cabinet.

kurmi voter watch

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In the UP assembly elections 2022, while BJP is trying to get back to power, the SP is trying to bring back its support base at any cost. This is the reason, whether it is BJP or SP, both the parties are trying to woo the voters with great gusto. Let us tell you, there are about 6 percent Kurmi voters in UP, which parties are engaged in cultivating. While the BJP has kept Anupriya Patel with them from the Kurmi community, which has a threat in Purvanchal, while the SP has now made the election contest very interesting by joining Anupriya Patel’s mother Krishna Patel. In such a situation, it will be a matter to be seen who will have the upper hand in the assembly elections.

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