Two youths and a woman absconding after taking 6.50 lakh from the shepherd. Two youths and women absconding with 6.50 lakhs from the shepherd RS News

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In the Losal area of ​​Sikar, a case of cheating of Rs 6.5 lakh has come to light with a shepherd on the pretext of profit in the turtle business. In the village, two youths and a woman first took the shepherd into their trap and got him two turtles worth 6.50 lakhs. But it didn’t sell. A turtle bought for 6 lakhs also died. Both the youth and the woman are absconding since the incident. The shepherd has registered a case at the Losal police station.

accused found in another village
Sukhdevaram, a resident of Todas area, said that his daughter remains ill. For whose treatment he went to Chidhasara village to get him a bush. Here two young men and a woman met him. Where he took Sukhdev Ram’s mobile number. And talked about profit in turtle business. After this Sukhdev Ram came back to his work. After coming here, a young man called Sukhdevaram and said that if you want to take a turtle, then come to Bhima Talai.

Got the first turtle for 50 thousand rupees
In such a situation, Sukhdev Ram went to Bhima Talai with 50 thousand rupees from his acquaintance. There he found the same man and woman. After some time a young man and a woman came there with a tortoise. This tortoise was taken by the already present youths. And then took 50 thousand rupees from Sukhdevaram and gave 30 thousand rupees to the young man and the woman who gave the tortoise. After this, both the young man and the woman took Sukhdevaram with them to another place. Three young men came here to buy a turtle. But he refused to buy the turtle as soon as he saw it.

Got lured again by giving 50 lakhs
After this, a young man already present with Sukhdevaram showed Sukhdevaram a picture of a turtle in his mobile. And said that this turtle will be sold for 60 lakhs. But to buy it, first 6 lakh rupees have to be paid. There will be a profit of more than 50 lakhs on selling the turtle. In such a situation, Sukhdev Ram took Rs 6 lakh from an acquaintance in the name of depositing the amount of Kisan Credit Card. Sukhdev Ram went to Khandi with the money.

The turtle bought for 6 lakhs died after a while
Where the same man and woman were already present. From here the four Bhima went to the village’s talai. Here a woman and a young man came. Who took 6 lakh rupees and gave that tortoise. After this two young men came to buy the turtle. Who refused to take the tortoise. And said that the tortoise is sick, put it in milk and water. will be correct. Will buy it then. After this, both the youths who came to buy the tortoise, along with Sukhdevaram, the people already present also left. Which Sukhdevaram threw on the way. And came home with the turtle bought for 50 thousand rupees. Sukhdevaram said that since that day, nothing has been found of the two youths and the woman who had been luring profits in the turtle business. Sukhdevaram told that all these were people of Bavaria caste. At present, the Losal Police has registered a case on the report and started investigation.

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