TV Show Islamophobia on Conversion Jihad? NBDSA orders News Nation to remove all videos


TV Show Islamophobia on Conversion Jihad? NBDSA orders News Nation to remove all videos

'Conversion Jihad' show

— TV show Islamophobia on Conversion Jihad? News Nation has been ordered by NBDSA to remove all videos, you can read the article on OpIndia website —

The News Broadcasting and Digital Standards Authority (NBDSA) received a complaint on November 6 against News Nation TV’s show ‘Conversion Jihad’. After this, on November 15, NBDSA issued a order passed, in which he asked the broadcaster to ensure that action is taken against his anchor if he does not remain ‘fair’. NBDSA directed the channel to take action and properly train its anchors to conduct the programme.

In addition, NBDSA directed News Nation to remove all videos of the event from all platforms within 7 days. If videos remain available, the channel must notify NBDSA in writing of the same. To recall, News Nation issued an unconditional apology for the show ‘Conversion Jihad’.

NBDSA Chairperson Justice (Retd) AK Sikri said code of conduct, broadcasting standards, self-regulation, fundamental principles and specific guidelines and fairness should be followed while broadcasting any news.

NBDSA also IGed displeasure over some of the statements made by anchor Deepak Chaurasia during the show. Some of the statements opposed by the NBDSA are as follows:

1. “Memchand is alive, the Jamaat is ashamed”

2. “500- How to make Hindus a Muslim?”

3. “Did Mewat become Pakistan?”

Retired Justice AK Sikri said such statements violate principles and guidelines. Let us tell you that NewsNation’s video on YouTube is now “private” and it has been taken off air for the general public.

What was the complaint against News Nation TV and ‘Conversion Jihad’ show?

An NGO named CJP (Citizens for Justice and Peace) had filed a complaint with the NBSDA regarding the “Conversion Jihad” show of News Nation TV. The show was anchored by Deepak Chaurasia. The complaint said that the anchor had called Maulana Syed-ul-Qadri a “factory of lies” and asked him to apologize on behalf of the entire Muslim community.

The complainant had alleged that an “attempt” was made by the Jamaat to promote “Islamophobic” ideas during this period by saying that they were carrying out anti-religious and anti-national activities. The NGO claimed that such programs should not be aired, as they may harm India’s culture of “inclusiveness and diversity” and may lead to violence.

To this, News Nation TV had said that the channel or anchor cannot be held responsible for the statements made by the guests in the programme. However, the channel said that it is apologizing unconditionally if it has hurt anyone. Despite apologizing, the NBDSA ordered the removal of the video of the show from social media platforms, calling it ‘Islamophobia’.

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