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We usually hear about relocation of trees often. Similarly, when any construction is undertaken on the roads, the existing trees are moved to other areas. If anyone has put up huts, they are moved to other places and resettled. Apart from that, the governments provide good facilities to the people for the damage done in their place. However, the authorities have taken measures to save up to ten thousand fish here.

Full details.. There is a special structure in front of the TMAPI Convention Center in Kodiyala Village, Mangalore (Karnataka). Officials are moving the fish at the bottom of it. Every day for 11 days, the water was emptied from 6 am to 8 pm. The fish at the bottom of a building under construction in front of the TMAPI convention center in Kodiyalaville, Mangalore were moved and secured.

3 acres of water stood at the base of this building. Fish are left in this water to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes. Those babies have now developed into more than 10,000 fish. Now it is decided to resume the unfinished works. In this order.. Jeet Milan Roach, Bhuvan Dewadiga, Selma, Nidhi and Atik are entrusted with the responsibility of protecting the baby fish during the work. However, till now we have been hearing about relocating only trees and people. Now the news that the fish have been moved and preserved is going viral on social media.

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