tomato prices rose to record level


tomato prices rose to record level

Now there is a ruckus on the increased price of tomatoes. By the way, its prices were increasing for the last several days, but there was a ruckus when the news came that the tomato reached Rs 160 per kg. Although the price of tomato is getting Rs 80-120 per kg in most places in North India, but in Chennai, which has been affected by the recent floods, its price has gone up to Rs 160 per kg.

Farmers are getting an average price ranging from Rs 20 to Rs 50 per kg in most areas of the country. There are only a few areas where farmers are getting more price than this. The middlemen and retailers are taking maximum advantage of the flood occasion.

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Tomatoes are getting retail up to Rs 120 per kg at many places in Delhi. Tomato prices have reached Rs 80 in Uttarakhand. According to wholesalers, tomatoes used to get an average of Rs 20 per kg during the winter season, but this time the price is unpredictable. Rising tomato prices have spoiled the kitchen budget. Tomatoes have disappeared from the plate of the middle class.

There was bound to be a ruckus when tomatoes were so expensive! Whether the opposition and social media users, everyone has taken a jibe at this in different ways.

Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera has said, “Today the situation of tomatoes and onions is such that as section 144 has been imposed on both of them in the kitchen, they cannot be kept more than 4. They have become so much more expensive.

The retired IAS took a jibe at the rising inflation and wrote, ‘The eyes of the Income Tax Department will also be on those who eat tomato chutney.’

In response to this, journalist Rohini Singh has written, ‘If you want to raise a lion, then you have to sacrifice chutney!’

Umashankar Singh has tweeted a news of tomato being sold by counting and wrote, ‘Luck is it not being sold with a spoon!’

Paranjoy Guha Thakurta has tweeted a meme of Kangana Ranaut, on which it is written ‘Returning home after buying 2 kg of tomatoes’.

Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh have the highest production of tomato in the country. But recently, due to heavy rains in these regions, tomato production has been affected. Chittoor and Anantapur districts have the highest production in Andhra Pradesh, but these districts were the most affected by the floods. Prices went up due to less supply.

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