Tomato price tumbles to Rs 50/kg after huge arrivals in Tiruchy


Tomato price tumbles to Rs 50/kg after huge arrivals in Tiruchy


Due to floods triggered by continuous rains across a majority of the southern states and in Tamil Nadu, there was an unprecedented dip in arrival of tomatoes in markets. This led to steep hike in price of tomatoes up to Rs 120 to Rs 150 per kg till Tuesday.

After the rains subsided and loads started reaching the markets, the price came down to Rs 100 per kg on Wednesday amid appeal from the people urging the state government to initiate steps to control the price. However, traders attributed the price rise to short supply of vegetables.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, owing to huge arrivals from other states, the price of tomato crashed to Rs 50 per kg in the Gandhi market. Similarly, vegetables like brinjal, which was sold at Rs 150 on Wednesday, reduced to Rs 100 on Thursday. Beans came down to Rs 80 from Rs 100 and carrot was sold at Rs 50.

At the retail end, the first grade tomato was going at Rs 60 per kg and the grade II at Rs 40 per kg.

According to Kannan, a wholesaler from Gandhi market, the tomato prices declined on Thursday as loads from Andhra Pradesh reached here. “We anticipate further decline in the price from Friday as loads from Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh are expected to arrive tonight,” he said.

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