TN Govt should appeal against High court judgment for RSS oct 2 march NTK seeman: – News18 Tamil RS News

RSS Seeman, coordinator of Naam Tamils, has requested that an appeal be made to the Supreme Court against the decision of the High Court, which had granted permission for the rally.

In this regard, he has said in a press release that:- RSS The decision of the High Court, which has allowed the movement to hold a rally in Tamil Nadu, is shocking. On Gandhi Jayanti, banned RSS for his assassination. It is not acceptable in any way to allow the rally of a religious movement in 50 places of the state!

RSS will not allow religious prayers in Tamil Nadu when it will become a peace park. The decision to allow the movement’s rally is a clear precedent. Allowing the rally of the RSS in Tamil Nadu soil, which has taken up sectarian politics and divisive tactics and strives to divide the country for political gain, without regard for the welfare of the people, will harm religious harmony and social peace.

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Therefore, the RSS He said that he requested the Tamil Nadu government to file an appeal in the Supreme Court against the decision of the High Court which had granted permission for the movement’s rally.

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