There will be a deal for deviant members


There will be a deal for deviant members

The buying and selling of members in the political market is nothing new. (Photo: File)

In 2013 he was working as a copy editor and scriptwriter on a private channel with Field Reporting. When the election process was over, he prepared a report stating that when General Pervez Musharraf was taking over the reins of the country on October 12, 1999, Nawaz Sharif was a picture of despair behind bars. And exactly 13 years, 7 months and 21 days later, the tide turned and Nawaz Sharif became the Prime Minister, while Pervez Musharraf is still imprisoned in his house in Chak Shehzad, a few miles away from the National Assembly. The October 12 scene will and should be in front of both personalities, because power, strength, wealth and fame are all temporary, and the fact that the world is a reward for action.

In the 2018 general elections, when we were acting as sub-editors in a new media house, Nawaz Sharif once again appeared to be a picture of despair. However, the situation was different, because he was independent, while Imran Khan was taking his oath as the 20th Prime Minister of the country.

Several independent candidates who had won the general election were joining Imran Khan’s caravan in droves, and every day a phrase would come out from Imran Khan that we had “dropped another wicket”. Since then, Imran Khan’s cabinet has been reshuffled several times, and members from other parties joining the PTI have been given portfolios in key ministries and positions. Explaining this, the Prime Minister said that we had a shortage of experienced people, which is why the experience of people who have performed their duties in important ministries in the past will be used. They include Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Fawad Chaudhry, Firdous Ashiq Awan, Sheikh Rashid, Umar Ayub, Hafeez Sheikh, Shaukat Fayyaz Tareen, Azam Swati and others.

Throughout this period, the government has been accused by the opposition of not forming a government, and with rising inflation and unemployment, there has been a relentless rise in debt. However, in practice, the opposition came to the fore when the PDM came out against the government.

Rallies were held in different cities under the PDM and anti-government movement was launched. However, due to some differences, the PPP said goodbye to the PDM and decided to go against the government on its own, while Maulana Fazlur Rehman and Shahbaz Sharif continued to run the PDM on his own, and also held joint press conferences with various meetings. But then when the voice of no-confidence motion was raised by the same alliance, the PPP also started approaching the opposition parties keeping all differences aside and then all together started the no-confidence motion campaign and finally on March 8 The resolution of this motion was presented to the National Assembly Secretariat on.

During the successful campaign of the movement, the opposition parties first started contacts with the Jehangir Tareen group of members who were angry with the government. Many members of the government negotiating team, including the group, forgot about the incumbent, and the result was that the coalition parties, seeing the possible victory and majority of the opposition, leaned towards the opposition.

On the one hand, the contacts of the opposition leadership and on the other hand, the controversial statements of the government ministers gave a chance to the allies and they started giving clear signals that power is slipping like sand in the hands of the government. Realizing the issue, Prime Minister Imran Khan himself took to the field and first met the Chaudhry brothers and inquired about their well-being.

Allies had not yet assured the government of their full support when angry PTI members from Sindh House Islamabad became the focus of direct media coverage, much to the chagrin of the government. Some said that action would be taken against these deviant members, some said that the people of the constituency of these members should besiege their houses and demand their resignation. Someone was suggesting that Governor Raj Lagado. While the Speaker of the National Assembly, who is scheduled to convene a meeting in 14 days as per the law on the no-confidence motion, has already come and stated that he will adjourn the meeting.

On the day Prime Minister Imran Khan was presented a list of angry and defecting members by his negotiating team, the angry members of PTI in Sindh House IGed their grief that Imran Khan had visited us once in three and a half years. No, the Chief Minister of Punjab does not meet us. Some said that we could not go to our constituencies because we were not working. Someone said that we are the only quorum members in the assembly. Someone said that they are here because of disagreement with government policies. Some said that due to police brutality and cases against our members in Parliament Lodges, we have taken shelter in Sindh House and sought protection from Sindh Chief Minister.

After all this clear situation, the government negotiating team seemed to be active again and telephonic contacts were made with the leadership of the Tareen group night and day, while the federal ministers were also seen holding press conferences once again. Sheikh Rashid repeatedly said that we knew long ago where our members are, if all the angry members come back they will not be told anything. The Home Minister even said that the angry members should take money from the opposition and vote for Imran Khan.

PM Imran Khan also said in the meetings that the members who are angry should come back, if they do not come then believe me you will not be able to go to your constituencies K’s father sold his conscience for money. The Prime Minister used all the tactics and methods that could make the angry leaders think. But it was during the offers of Sheikh Rashid and Imran Khan that a tweet from Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry came to light that cases would be filed against the defecting members and they would be disqualified for life, and new members were being nominated for reserved seats.

Now how to stop IGion on social media? PTI workers are sharing posts and statements in support of their leader, while on the other hand, their opponents are mocking the members who were brought to Jahangir Tareen’s ship in 2018, saying that when they themselves were filling the ship. It was legitimate, and when the black sheep in the opposition in the Senate voted for the members of the government, the vote was sweet. Led by the workers, they stormed the Sindh House and protested outside the houses of the dissident members.

Whatever the case may be, all the attention of government ministers has shifted to the deviant members, especially the Jahangir Tareen group, and according to the Prime Minister’s statement, including the federal ministers, every step can be taken to bring the angry members to their support in the no-confidence motion. Whether it is threats of disqualification, allegations of taking money from him, or his reservations should be removed and he should be given the desired Chief Minister of Punjab. In both cases there is a complete digestive tract.

The Pakistani people have also forgotten, they too should just find a topic. According to Imran Khan, thanks to the opposition, he brought a no-confidence motion and diverted the attention of the people from inflation to the National Assembly session. It is certain that Imran Khan and his supporters will never go to the minus. On the other hand, the opposition does not want to see Imran Khan as the Prime Minister and the angry members of the government are adamant that even if Imran Khan is not Usman Bazdar’s minus.

In fact, when Prime Minister Imran Khan voluntarily convened a meeting of self-confidence, he addressed the nation and said that if my members do not want to see me as the Prime Minister, then vote against me. I will sit in the opposition and today when the members want to use their vote as they wish, it is being said that these people will say that their conscience is awakened, people will tell them that they have made a deal of conscience. And for the money. It is also a fact that Imran Khan, who ridiculed Shahbaz Sharif for extracting stolen money from Zardari’s stomach, forgets that his Punjab government was saved by a man whom Imran Khan used to call the biggest dacoit in the past. Were

Putting all these facts behind us, if you think about it, the poor people are just watching a volleyball match, sometimes on this side and sometimes on that side. Whatever the decision of the no-confidence motion, what the people will get, it will be known after the political turmoil. But it is also a fact that the members will definitely make a deal, because accepting the Prime Minister’s word, it should be accepted that the opposition has made a deal of crores of rupees to buy the conscience of the angry members, on the other hand the government of Imran Khan. In return for support, it is ready to address the concerns of these angry members and provide crores of rupees for development work in the constituencies. In either case, there will be a deal for the deviant members.

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