There was a misunderstanding due to distribution of chocolates after Mother’s Daskari; Rumors of a gang abducting children in Virar There is a rumor that there is a gang abducting children in Virar amy 95 RS News

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Vasai-Virar On Thursday afternoon, it has become clear that there is a rumor that people coming from rickshaws are distributing chocolates and making children run away. The Virar police have solved the case in just a few hours. Those people who came from the rickshaw were thinking of chocolates for the children on the occasion of mother’s Dasakriya.

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For the past few days, there has been a panic among parents and students as rumors of child abduction gangs are active. An incident that took place in Virar on Thursday afternoon added to this. Around one in the afternoon, a rickshaw stopped at Umbergothan in Virar West. In this rickshaw there were two women including one Isma. He stopped a schoolgirl passing by and offered her chocolate. The girl, who was already frightened by the rumors of child abduction, became more frightened by this and ran away. This kind of panic spread in the area. A local saw this incident and informed the police control room about the arrival of a gang of child abductors.

Realizing the seriousness of the incident, Commissioner of Police Sadanand Date ordered Deputy Commissioner of Police Prashant Waghunde to investigate. After a thorough investigation, the police found the rickshaw. Further investigation revealed that the incident was a rumour. A woman living in Virar Nagar of Virar died on September 13. On Thursday, his family had gone to Arnala to perform Dasakriya rituals. This woman loved chocolate. She always gave gifts to children. So, on the occasion of mother’s memory, her children started distributing chocolates. But the real people mistook it for a gang of child abductors and there was confusion.

We interrogated the rickshaw puller and the three occupants. It was supposed to be chocolate in memory of my mother. Deputy Commissioner Waghunde said that there was no other purpose in this. There was not a single incident of child abduction in the entire Vasai Virar and Mira Bhayander cities. The incident in Virar was also rumoured. Police Commissioner Sadanand Date has appealed to the citizens not to believe in rumours



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