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ISLAMABAD: Days after reports emerged that jailed former prime minister Imran Khan was under threat of slow poisoning in prison, his personal doctor Dr. Faisal Sultan said on Thursday: “There is no obvious indication that the former prime minister was in danger of slow poisoning.” Poisoning in prison”.

Speaking to reporters after meeting the PTI chief at Adiala Jail, Dr Sultan said Khan’s health and nutritional condition were satisfactory and the former prime minister had not made any complaint in this regard.

“Perhaps he had previously expressed some concerns about his health and these are now being misrepresented,” said Dr. Sultan explained that no such symptom is currently detected in the physical examination.

Meanwhile, former prime minister Hamid Khan’s lawyer told reporters that the party and its supporters were concerned about Imran Khan’s health, given the two previous attacks on his life.

He expressed regret that convicted leaders of other political parties were taking advantage of state protocol while the PTI leader was subjected to distress and judicial harassment.

“PTI is not being given a level playing field for the upcoming polls, which is not fair. “The people of the country should be given the constitutional right to choose whomever they want,” he said.

In response to a question, he stated that dialogue between political parties is always possible and said, “If not between political parties, with whom else can dialogue be held?”

Meanwhile, PTI chief’s lawyer Aftab Bajwa, who claimed that “Imran Khan said that he was slowly poisoned”, withdrew his statement, saying that he misunderstood what Imran Khan told him during the meeting in prison.

He had also said that the PTI chief might have been a victim of slow food poisoning in Adiala jail.

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