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Later Chola, Pandya and Nayaka kings donated many villages to Brahmins. Such places are named ‘Chaturvedi Mangalam’ to denote the abode of Brahmins reciting the four Vedas.

The BJP and Hindu front organizations have been severely criticizing the recent speech by DMK MP A. Raza Manusmriti. They allege that A. Raza has insulted Hindus. A complaint has been filed against A. Raza in various police stations and it is being urged that he should apologize. But, “If possible, file a case against me. A. Raza has challenged me to talk about Sanathanam too.

Before the heat of his speech subsided, A.Rasa’s speech, which listed the history of Devar, Pallar and Parayar lands being taken away and carpeted as Chaturvedi mangals for Brahmins during the reign of Rajaraja Cholan, is being hotly discussed on social media.


What did A.Rasa talk about Chaturvedi Mangalam?

A Chola king resides in the town of Uttamadanapuram. He is guided by Vediyas-priests. Don’t eat Annandanni agaram on Ekadasi. That king also observes it. But when the Chola king stayed in the town of Uttamanathapuram, he planted a betel nut by mistake, and land and houses were built for the Brahmins as an atonement for that mistake. That is Chaturvedi Mangalam. U. V. Saminathaiyar has written this. Do you know how much cruelty has happened? Let it be Rajaraja Cholan.. Let it be Rajendra Cholan.. How many lakhs of lands have been converted into Chaturvedi Mangalams.

They snatched land from Mukulathor, Devar, Pallar and Paraiyar and built Chaturvedi Mangalam for Brahmins who learned the four Vedas. Thus Rajaraja Cholan gave thousands of acres of land. Rajendra Cholan gave. It is all our property. But they say there should be no freebies. You are the one enjoying it for free. Everything you enjoy is free. Is it necessary to come from somewhere and sit here and get freebies and rule in the name of religion and now we give food for free? They say that there should be no freebies,” said A. Raza.


What is Chaturvedi Mangalam?

Anna wrote the answer to this question in Chaturvedi Mangalam article on 4.7.1943 with appropriate sources. In it, “Later Chola, Pandya kings and Vijayanagara Vendra bought many villages and donated them to Brahmins. Such alms lands were named ‘Chaturvedi Mangalam’ to indicate that they were the abode of Brahmins reciting the four Vedas. The above villages have many other names like Agrakaram, Brahma Desam, Brahma Mangalam. There are several charters and inscriptions which prove that many such villages were universally available to the Brahmins.

Sunganthavirtha Cholanallur was divided into 108 sections and 106 sections were donated to Brahmins. This donation was given to the Brahmins of the village Samanda Narayana Chaturvedi Mangalam. The other 2 parts were granted to the said village temple. Many such donations were made to the Brahmins and other classes were allowed to stay there as servants for the service of the village.

Brahmins were allowed to live autonomously in this agrahara called Chaturvedi Mangalam. In these villages, the land watchers were Mirasu Padhyadaiyuda Yora and the “Sudras” worked as livelihoods. The administration of the town was in the hands of Brahmins. So, the property of the Tamils ​​went to the seers as a result of the devotion of the kings, and the Tamils ​​of the country lie like dogs, what a wandering race! Wow! Go! By saying that, they created the double injustice of denigrating Tamils. Maruthamizhar had to lose his land as well as his honor. That is the result of the devotion of kings.

The result of instilling interest in the Chaturvedi Mangalams established then is that Tamil Nadu today is the Chaturvedi Mangalam! Aryans rule today with universal rights. That’s why we are making this issue a priority and agitating to get rid of this situation. Is this wrong?” Scholar Anna Chaturvedi has written extensively about Mangalam in that article.


Similarly, many researchers have also conducted research and published results regarding the lands donated to Brahmins. Agaram, Chaturvedi Mangalam and Brahmadeyam were given in the name of Grama Sabha where most of the Brahmins lived. Many people have mentioned that the places where agricultural people lived were given as ur and the councils there were called ur sabha.

“It is not clear what fault the Tamil kings found in the Anthans from Tamil Nadu. These kings imported thousands of Northern Brahmins and honored them by employing them in temples, educational institutions and monasteries. Gold and material. They also provided citizenship wise.


Only Brahmins were granted lands and villages. These were known by many names like Akaram, Agraharam, Chaturvedi Mangalam and Brahmadeyam. No decree of the king shall operate in them. Brahmins were completely exempted from all kinds of taxes, fees, taxes and duties,” Prof. KK Pillai mentions in his historical book.

Eminent historian, KA Neelakanda Sastriar says, “During the reign of Rajarasa I and Rajasendra, the land rights of other classes were abridged to preserve the uniqueness of Brahmadeya villages”.

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