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The teaser of the second part of ‘Money Heist Season 5’ has been screened. | Money Heist Season 5 The teaser of the second part is displayed, all eyes are on the professor’s play

Money Heist 5

Mumbai : Money Heist Season 5 is the most popular show on Netflix. Ever since the announcement of his last season, the audience has been very excited about it. The first episode of Season 5 has just arrived on Netflix and the release date of the second episode has already been decided.

There’s already a lot of talk about the Spanish series, but Netflix is ​​trying to make that talk louder. Netflix has recently released a short teaser of the second part of ‘Money High 5’ on YouTube.

Highlights of the teaser

Netflix has released a teaser for the series, first in Spanish and then in other languages. This teaser is only 31 seconds long. The teaser begins with the frustrated faces of the professor’s colleagues and the professor’s voice. “In the last few hours, I’ve lost two people close to me,” says the professor. I will not let anyone else die because of this theft. ” In this teaser it is clear that the action scenes of the first part were just a glimpse, the real explosion is yet to come.

Professor also took up arms!

The most interesting thing about this teaser is that now the professor has also taken up arms. Now the professors will be seen fighting with strength and mind. The audience saw the professor using only intellect during this series. Looking at the teaser, it seems that in this last part, the professor will also get some action scenes. The professor is ready to go to any lengths to save his team members.

In the first part of this final season, ‘Tokyo’ was seen dying for the last time. However, rumors are circulating on social media that Tokyo is still alive. Will all the professor’s comrades die or will the professor find a way to save them in the attack on the special unit bank of the army? What will happen to the gold for which everyone’s life is in danger? There are many such questions, the answers to which will be found in the second part of season 5 of ‘Money High’.

The first part of the final season was released on September 3, 2021. The second installment will be released on Netflix on December 3, 2021. The series will be available in Spanish, Hindi, English and many other languages.


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