The incident of stampede at the gymkhana ground is unfortunate RS News

HCA President Azharuddin said that the incident of stampede in Secunderabad Gymkhana Ground is very sad. He said that all measures will be taken to prevent such incidents from happening again. He said that the advice and instructions of the state government will be followed. He said that a cricket match was being held in Hyderabad after almost three years and a large number of fans came for tickets. He said that due to the huge popularity of cricket, there is a full demand for tickets. All the tickets have already been sold. All arrangements will be completed for India-Australia cricket match on 25th of this month. He said that he will move ahead with the cooperation of the state government. It has been clarified that HCA will fully bear the medical expenses of those injured in the stampede incident at the Gymkhana Ground. They said that they informed the police in advance that they will be selling cricket match tickets. He said that Telangana state is number one in terms of law and order.

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What is Minister Srinivas Goud…
Minister Srinivas Goud said that if the HCA had consulted the state government earlier regarding the sale of cricket match tickets at the Secunderabad Gymkhana Ground, the stampede incident would not have happened. After the stampede, the HCA came to their senses and asked the state government for help and cooperation and said that all the arrangements will be completed quickly. He warned that some people are trying to harm the image of Telangana state and strict action will be taken against them. He said that the HCA would bear the medical expenses of the injured in the gymkhana ground. He said that a WhatsApp group has been created to coordinate all government departments for the management of the match. They said that a committee has been formed to deal with the stampede incident at Ticketla Gol Mall in the morning.

On the 25th of this month, Minister Srinivas Goud conducted a review with the officials of all departments on the management of the India-Australia cricket match. He said that whatever program HCA undertakes, there will be support from the state government. A review was conducted under the leadership of Minister Srinivas Goud on the incident of stampede at the Secunderabad Gymkhana Ground. A review was conducted by the HCA in the sale of India-Australia cricket match tickets. The meeting was attended by HCA President Azharuddin, Rachakonda Police Commissioner Mahesh Bhagwat, Sports Secretary Sandeep Kumar Sultania and other senior officials.



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