The IMF has shown you carrots, statistics is your game, but don’t do inflation now, Raut’s attack. Shivsena Sanjay Raut Criticized Modi Government over IMF Indian Economy Grow This year

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Sanjay Raut and Narendra Modi

Mumbai : The common man is in a dilemma as to how to survive due to the skyrocketing prices. The government, however, is happily eating the ‘carrots’ of reduced inflation on paper. In it, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has shown a vigilance to the Center. It is a carrot that India will overtake the world in terms of growth rate in 2022… but this is also a kind of statistic. Again, statistics and juggling is the usual game of the central government. That is their question, but at least don’t talk about inflation.

According to the government, paper inflation eased

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The central government has now announced that wholesale inflation eased in September compared to August. The rate was 5.3 per cent in August. It is now at 4.45 per cent. The government’s National Statistics Office has released the percentage. This is the lowest rate since April 2021. The government also claims that food items have become cheaper. As a result, food inflation eased to 0.68 per cent from 3.11 per cent, the government said. Now the government is saying that it has to be said that paper inflation has come down.

The central government is fencing statistics

The fencing of these numbers on government paper is always on. But there is often a stark difference between government information and actual facts. So be it the rate of economic growth or the rate of inflation. Be it national income or per capita income. Whether it is employment generation or poverty line, the government continues to manipulate the figures. Again these figures vary at the convenience of the government. That is, when the government thinks, these figures are inflated or removed. Since it does not have to be in line with the facts, I often hear these government figures that the common man gets ‘numbers’.

Petrol, diesel, gas, CNG prices skyrocket

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Even now, as the common man struggles with inflation and daily fuel price hikes, the central government is claiming that food inflation has come down. All the fun is on. Petrol and diesel price hikes are hitting record highs for the ninth time every day. Cooking gas is also not far behind in this price hike race. After petrol, diesel has now crossed 100 per liter. Domestic gas prices have reached the threshold of Rs. CNG and PNG gas prices have also gone up since Wednesday.

This is the second increase in the last ten days and the fifth in eight months. This means that like petrol-diesel, CNG-PNG gas price hike season is also continuing. Again, the simple calculation is that the biggest impact of fuel price hike is on inflation. As a result, prices of all commodities in the market have been rising for months. Edible oil, on the other hand, had hit a record high in the interim and housewives’ budgets were slashed.

The common man’s collarbone has been broken and the government says inflation has come down

Other foodgrain prices have also gone up. Even vegetables and fruits are not ready to be cheap. The kharif crop has been destroyed due to cloudburst, heavy rains and floods in the last month. Soybeans, cotton, pulses and cereals have been destroyed. Bananas, grapes, sugarcane and other orchards were also destroyed. The vegetable was horizontal. Due to this situation, the market prices of vegetables and fruits have gone up.

The price of tomatoes, which had to be thrown away by farmers two months ago due to Kavadimol Bhav, has gone up to Rs 50 per kg. Prices of vegetables, foodgrains, edible oils and fruits have risen sharply. This has broken the backbone of the common man and the government is saying that while inflation has come down, food inflation has come down to just 0.68 per cent.

So what is the rise in prices in the market?

If so, what is the rise in prices in the market? Does the central government want to say that in the current language of internet magic, the issue of inflation is ‘virtual’ and the people, the opposition parties are creating a mess? The common man is in a dilemma as to how to push his daily routine, how to fill his stomach, how to cope with the price hike. The government, however, is happily eating the ‘carrots’ of reduced inflation on paper. He is chanting ‘Achche Din Aale Ho’.

(Shivsena Sanjay Raut Criticized Modi Government over Indian Economy Grow This year)

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