The hands of the new leader should be strengthened by the Gandhi family The Gandhi family should strengthen the hands of the new leader RS News


Aurangabad7 hours ago

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It is clear that development never stops, be it biological factors or organizations. So individuals and organizations have to continuously change the superstructure without sacrificing their core values. Bharat Jodo Yatra under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi will help the Congress once again find its reason for existence. If you get the reason, you will also get the support. In such a situation, there should be two goals while holding elections for the new leadership of the Congress. First, the accuracy of the electoral process must be trusted not only by activists, but also by the public. Second, the new leadership should be chosen by the workers, with the full support of the Gandhi family without any prejudice or resentment. But, this help should not mean remote control or their rejection of any policy towards 10, Janpath. It would be better for the Gandhi family itself to stay away from this entire electoral process and ensure only fair elections, because India needs a new national opposition party that will come forward with the message of a new inclusive political philosophy and re-establish its position in the minds of the people. Even today this party gets 12 crore votes. Even the regional parties should not forget that no national alternative will be possible without ignoring the Congress.

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