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Most of the people in the world see new dreams but they are walking on the old paths. But some people are that too. Those who make such steps during their lifetime by making new paths. After they leave this earth, they become the pages of their identity and history. Their name will shine forever in this world. It is from this link that the name of this great personality Alghazadar Gram Baill comes. Who invented the telephone. Which has become a necessity and compulsion at this time. This great explorer was born on August 3, 1847 in the city of Edinburgh (Scotland) in the house of Alexander Melvyn Bell on Charlow Street. His father was a lecturer by profession. Gram Bell did his early education at Edinburgh High School, Colleges of London and Edinburgh University. He immigrated to Canada at the age of 23. He worked hard to tune the human voice into strings.

algzender house 1(1).resizedIn 1872 AD, he did a lot of experiments in the school of Boston city of America to express the voice through machinery. After a long search of many years, he got the proper qualification in 1876. A few months later, i.e. in 1877, he also opened a company called Telephone Bell. Gram Bell has also been awarded with many awards and honors in the USA and Canada under this qualification. He finally died on 2 August 1922 in Ireland Nouvelle Ecos Badal, Canada. On the day of his funeral, all telephones in North America were turned off in mourning. Last month we also went to his house to pay obeisance after seeing the important research of today’s fast paced era. People were standing and taking photographs in front of a name plate (Alexander Gram Bell, Inventor of the Telephone, born 3 March 1847) engraved in cement on the wall to the left of the door.

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