The drunkard reached the public service campaign camp, abused the woman by indecently. The drunkard reached the public service campaign camp, abusing the woman by indecent RS News

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Sea4 hours ago

A drunkard manhandling a woman in Panchayat Bhawan.

In the public service campaign camp organized in village Saredi of Baheria police station area of ​​Sagar, the drunkard created a ruckus. He started abusing the woman and thrashing her. Seeing the commotion, the people present on the spot intervened and pacified the matter. In this case, the woman has lodged a complaint against the drunkard at the Baheria police station. During the incident, a video of a scuffle and a scuffle between the drunkard and the woman has come to the fore.

According to the information, Chief Minister’s Public Service Campaign camp was organized in Saredi, Gram Panchayat of Narayavali Vidhan Sabha. Meanwhile, suddenly Raghavendra Lodhi of the village reached the panchayat in an intoxicated state. where he started the ruckus. He started abusing and abusing a woman present in the camp. When the woman protested, she got into a scuffle. After which the woman taught the drunkard a lesson.

Seeing the commotion, the secretary, patwari and others intervened and pacified the matter. The drunkard was run away from the spot. In this case, the woman reached the police station and complained. Baheria police station in-charge Divyaprakash Tripathi said that on the complaint of the woman, a case has been registered against Raghavendra Lodhi and taken it into the investigation.

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