Tension in Rudrakshagutta – Andhrajyothy RS News

Demolishing the base levels of the houses

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CPI leaders and beneficiaries who prevented the demolition of home base levels
Arrest of CPI leaders
Police misbehaved with women

Dawn, September 22: A tense situation erupted on Thursday after the basements of houses built by poor women were demolished in Rudrakshagutta near Doan town. The police arrested the agitating CPI leaders by dragging them. Police misbehaved with women too. Many poor women were granted house plots during the Congress government. This colony is also named after former Chief Minister Roshaiah. Many women beneficiaries also wore base mats. But the YCP government has decided to undertake other constructions in these places. CPI District President Ranganayudu, local leaders Councilor Sunkaiah, Radhakrishna, Bonthiralla Sarpanch Ravi and women beneficiaries reached the place and started protesting on the information that the basement floors of the houses will be demolished with excavators. Betancherla, Papili CIs and SIs along with Don reached there with a heavy police force. The police issued a warning to the CPI leaders not to hold agitations. With this, CPI leaders and women condemned police brutality. But the police grabbed the shirts of the CPI leaders and dragged them away. As a result, the women beneficiaries stopped the police and misbehaved with them. This caused tension for an hour. The police arrested the CPI leaders and took them to urban and rural police stations in vehicles. Beneficiaries expressed their anger as the basemattas were demolished. They expressed their concern that they had built basements by taking loans and it was unfair to demolish them like this. CPI district secretary Ranganayudu said that the minister had demolished the base mats with his cheek. They will fight till justice is done for poor women.


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