Taliban to build shelters for Afghan refugees returning home from Pakistan ReadingS


The Taliban regime in Kabul has announced it will build shelters for hundreds of thousands of Afghan refugees returning home from Pakistan after the neighboring country established a phased process for deporting undocumented immigrants.

Acting Minister of Refugees and Repatriation Khalil Rahman Haqqani ordered the construction of shelters during his recent visit to the Torkham crossing point on the Pakistan border. Xinhua news agency He quoted what a local media outlet said in a report.

The report stated that more than 150,000 Afghan refugees returned home from Pakistan via Torkham in the last few days.

More than 200,000 Afghan refugees were reported to have returned to their country last month, mostly via the border town of Torkham, but also some through Spin Boldak and other crossing points.

The Taliban regime’s chief spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, said in a post on channel X that officials in Torkham had prepared 10,000 lunches and 30,000 dinners for returnees on Thursday.

news source (www.nationalheraldindia.com)


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