Take care not to get electrocuted … Important news for every farmer | Farmers should take care to avoid lightning, advise farmers

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Latur: It has rained more than average (Heavy Rain) this year. Not only thunderstorms but also thunderstorms have damaged crops but there have been incidents of lightning strikes. Most of the accidents are related to the agricultural sector. While the animals have been slaughtered, the farmer has also died accidentally while working in the field.

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The most important issue while working in the field is safety. However, there is no safe place in the field, so if the farmers themselves follow some safety precautions, then the danger of electricity will be avoided. So let’s see what to do to avoid getting electrocuted.

The rains this season have been devastating. Marathwada has received half the average rainfall. The rains have damaged crops but the power outage has killed animals and killed farmers. Therefore, farmers need to be careful in such storms or lightning strikes.

Do this first

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If there is a power outage while working in the field, move it to a safe place immediately. In such cases, farmers go and sit under a big tree, but this is a dangerous place as the electricity is likely to flow through the trees. So farmers should take shelter near high places like hills and mountains without any shelter. But if there is no safe place near the farm, there are some measures that need to be followed. One is going to be as safe as you get closer to the ground. So if it is not possible to go safely, immediately sit down with both feet close to the knees and place your hands on your ears.

These are the symptoms of a power outage

If you feel an electric current flowing through your body during a thunderstorm, there is a risk of a power outage if the hair on the body is standing or if the hair on the skin is standing. In such cases, the farmer should immediately lie down on the ground or sit down with his head on his knees. Farmers use umbrellas for shelter but it is dangerous to use iron or metal objects. Therefore, it is better to keep away things like scythe, scythe, knife.

Take care

Electricity attracts an electric pole. So don’t make the mistake of stopping under a power pole. Stay away from ponds or ponds near fields. Do not use mobile while the power is on. Turn off your mobile and don’t use an iron umbrella as mentioned above. If there are four or five of you in one place, stand at a distance. Avoid traveling in a hurry.

Do this first aid

There is a feeling of not being able to touch a person who has been electrocuted. However, nothing will happen even if you touch it. Check to see if the affected person has started breathing first. If necessary, take the person to the nearest hospital. Otherwise, by calling 1078 and giving the name of the affected person and the place of the incident, the person is helped to be taken to the hospital. (Farmers should take care to avoid lightning, advise farmers)

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