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Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh): SVEEP activities over the last eight months have helped increase the gender and EPIC ratio in the voter list to 979 and 66.81 respectively. In the voter list published on January 5, the district’s gender ratio was 967 and the EPIC ratio was 64.93.

The district had the highest gender ratio. Against 1,000 male voters, Ujjain North has 1,001 and Ujjain South has 992 female voters. According to SVEEP deputy nodal officer Sabir Ahmed Siddiqui, a meeting was held with the registrar, deputy registrar, SVEEP district nodal officer and SVEEP deputy district nodal officer of all councils in the district to increase the gender ratio.

At the meeting, a special action plan was prepared to add female names to the voter list. The registrar of each council was informed about the gender ratio by council through a chart. The collector and district returning officer have been instructed to hold a meeting among the BLOs and Anganwadi workers at each polling station, including the names of the women.

It was also instructed to prepare an action plan to add the names of newly married women to the voter list. Hoardings were put up in every tehsil, development block office and collectorate for publicity purposes at the district level to include the names in the voter list.

The registrars of the district convened a joint meeting of all councilor BLO and Aanganwadi workers and directed to conduct a special campaign to include women’s names in the voter list. Instructions were given to add the names of newly married women to the new voter list. For this, it was said that special events such as rangoli, mehndi and other competitions should be organized for women.

Recommendations were also made to organize a women’s conference. In North Ujjain district, a call has been made to Aanganwadi workers to flexibly add their names to different routes of Mahakal sawari during the months of Shravan and Bhado.

Apart from this, collectors’ call to add names was broadcast four to five times a day on a large LED screen by Smart City in Ujjain city. Over the last two months, SVEEP activities have been widely publicized to increase voting percentage. In other words, the voting rate of the districts must exceed 76 percent in the voting to be held on November 17.

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