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Published by: Biswadip Dey | Posted: December 3, 2022 11:22 am| Updated: December 3, 2022 11:22 am

News Daily Digital Desk: India’s third highest civilian honor Padma Bhushan was handed over to Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai by Indian Ambassador to America Taranjit Singh Sandhu. Sundar spoke about his close association with India while receiving the honor at the ceremony in San Francisco. He said that India is in his heart. This country is a part of his life.

What exactly did he say? The 50-year-old Sundar is heard saying, “I am deeply grateful to the Government of India and the people of India, for honoring me with this honour. It is extremely important for me to receive this honor in the country that raised me. India is a part of my life. I take him with me wherever I go.”

[আরও পড়ুন: চিন সীমান্তের কাছে ভারত-মার্কিন সেনা মহড়া, বেজিংকে ‘নাক না গলানোর’ পরামর্শ আমেরিকার]

He also said, “I am fortunate to have been born in such a family, where knowledge and education were nurtured like this.” He also expressed his gratitude to his parents, who sacrificed a lot to make Sundar’s dream come true.

Meanwhile, Sandhu also posted on Twitter and expressed his excitement about handing over the Padma Bhushan to Sundar. It should be noted that Sundar, a former IIT Kharagpur, was born in Madurai, Tamil Nadu in the seventies of the last century. He joined Google in 2004. Over time, he became the CEO of the company. Later, he became the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Alphabet Inc., the owner of the search engine.

[আরও পড়ুন: বর্ণবিদ্বেষের শিকার ঋষি সুনাক, অভিজ্ঞতার কথা শোনালেন ব্রিটিশ প্রধানমন্ত্রী]

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