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Used To Recite Ramayana In Homes, Made Madhiya By Adding Offerings

A hundred year old Madhi became the center of faith

Gadasarai. The Khermai Madhiya of the old township of the city remains the center of faith of the people, where a large number of people reach from far and wide to have darshan in Navratri. Many people made a vow in Madhiya, about a hundred years old, and their vow was also fulfilled. Ishwari Sahu, 86, of Gadasarai, says that everyone’s wishes are fulfilled here. He told that earlier there was nothing here, the idol of the mother was installed in the open. On the fulfillment of the vow of his ancestor Netram Sahu, he presented a silver eye to the mother and made a wooden boundary all around so that the protection of the mediya would be maintained. At the same time, Netram Sahu made an application in front of the mother that the mother should accept with love whatever fruits and flowers offer coconut with reverence. Earlier there was a sacrificial system, but from that time this practice also stopped. Gradually, people’s faith in the mother increased and the responsibility of serving the mother in Madhiya was entrusted to Baljori Kol. He started worshiping in the morning and evening in Madhiya, after which his family is worshiping from generation to generation. At present, Gudda, a descendant of Baljori Kol, is handling the responsibility of Vanvasi Madhiya. For the construction of this Madhi, a Ramayana congregation was formed which used to go door to door and recite Ramayana in the night and whatever money was offered by the people in the congregation, with that money a pucca building was built in Madhiya and gradually everyone in Madhiya The arrangements were made by the congregation and the people. In this temple people bring their own problems and ask for their vows by placing their problems in front of the mother and when their vows are fulfilled, then people chant Jaware in Chaitra’s Navratri. Due to which a large number of people sow Jawar here during the Navratri of Chait and they are immersed with pomp. The jaws of this madhiya are very famous, for which people eagerly wait. At the same time, a huge bhandara is made by the people during the immersion of Jaware. People who get their offerings consider it their good fortune. At the same time, in this Navratri, big Khairmai people are reaching to offer prayers from morning and day and night the program of bhajans is being done by the committee. There is a lot of crowd in Madhiya. In this center made of faith, people from far and wide are reaching to see the mother in every Navratri.