Merta City, A Victim Of Government’s Neglect

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Despite the immense possibilities of religious tourism, Merta is a victim of neglect, in the last thirteen years, more than sixteen lakh tourists have come to visit the city of Mira.

Nagaur. Born in the Merta royal family, the land of devotee Shiromani Meera Bai is yearning for the ‘grace’ of the government. Despite the immense potential of tourism, Merta remains a victim of neglect. The possibilities of tourism can be gauged from the fact that in the last thirteen years, more than sixteen lakh tourists have visited Merta.

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After Chittor in Rajasthan, the temple of Meera Bai is located in the city of Merta. Here the idol of Meera Bai is installed in front of the statue of the same Lord Charbhuja Nath, whom she used to worship. That is why every year thousands of tourists reach here to visit Lord Charbhuja Nath and Meera Bai. But despite being close to Tirtharaj Pushkar, Merta is a bit isolated. The pain is that even after decades of independence, neither Merta city could emerge as a tourist destination in Rajasthan nor did the government expand the facilities here.

Tourists increased, facilities did not
After the construction of Meera Memorial at Merta on 4 October 2008, the number of tourists has increased here. After the creation of the panorama of Mirabai by the Rajasthan Heritage Conservation and Promotion Authority, the number of tourists here increased significantly. Record keeping of tourists started. In the beginning, between 90 thousand to one lakh tourists used to come here annually. Whereas in the last six years this figure has crossed 1.5 lakh.

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Meera festival not in the calendar of tourism department
Every year ‘Mira Mahotsav’ is celebrated from Shravan Shukla Chhath to Teras under the aegis of Meera Mahotsav Samiti in Merta town. This year it was celebrated from 14 to 21 August. Various religious events take place during this time. Many artists including famous musician and singer Ravindra Jain, Anoop Jalota, Satish Dehra, Kavita Paudwal have performed in it. But surprisingly, the tourism department did not include it in its calendar. Due to which the name of Merta could not be included in the list of important tourist destinations.

possibilities and challenges
1. Merta is close to the international famous Pushkar and Bikaner tourist places of the state. Most of the tourists who reach both these places are unable to reach Merta. Whereas tourists going to Bikaner, Pushkar leave only through Merta.

2. Jaisalmer and Suryanagari Jodhpur are also connected by the Merta road route. Tourists going to these places from Pushkar also pass through Merta City. Tourists coming to Pushkar, just fifty km away, are unable to reach Merta.

3. The building of RTDC, built decades ago, has not been started till today, if it is operational, then tourists going to Pushkar, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur can also visit places related to Mira during their stay on this mid-way. .

4. Due to the work of Merta-Pushkar railway line getting stuck in the middle, tourism is not getting promotion in Merta.

impact of corona on tourism
Merta’s tourism was also deeply affected by the global pandemic Corona. Due to the closure of various religious and tourist places, only 29 thousand 324 tourists reached Merta Darshan in the year 2020. In April and May this year, Meera Smarak and Charbhuja Temple remained closed for all.

What are the officials – public representatives

Merta, the city of devotee Shiromani Meera Bai, has an important place not only in Rajasthan but all over India and the world. It is no less than Pushkar. Keeping in view the religious importance of the central and state government here, special budget should be approved and works should be done.
Indira Devi Bawri, MLA Merta

Special efforts are being made to promote tourism industry in Merta. That is why this time on October 18 and 19, a two-day Meera Sharad Mahotsav is being organized, in which various programs will be organized. After this, a report will be prepared and sent to the government to enroll the name in the list of authorized fairs of the state government. After the name is registered in the list of state fairs, the budget will start getting from the government.

– Dr. Jitendra Kumar Soni, District Collector, Nagaur

To promote tourism in Merta town, work worth crores of rupees is proposed on the holy Kundal Sarovar. Here development works will be done with Rs 1 crore every year, that is, in 5 years Rs 5 crore will be done on Kundal Sarovar.
– Gautam Tak, Municipal President, Merta city

Many works are being done to promote tourism in Merta. There will be events like Mira Sharad Mahotsav. Will work to mark Merta on the world map from the point of view of tourism. With the help of the Department of Archeology, there will be renovation of the city’s old assets. Means of reaching important places, attracting the public, publicity etc. Trying to set up a circuit. So that tourists reach here. With the courtesy of ITDC and RTDC, such programs will be held so that the public will be attracted towards tourism in Merta.
– Shaitan Singh, Rajpurohit, Sub Divisional Officer and Chairman Tourism Sub Committee, Merta

A small booklet of the history of Merta should be prepared, in which all kinds of information should be prepared. Develop a website. Maintenance of war memorials of Malkot, Dangolai, Agriculture Department office and information on it in Hindi, English, Ravduda ki Chhatri needs to be renovated. The devotional circuit can develop. In which places including Ren, Chaturdas Temple Butati and Khedapa can be included. Annual Merta Yatra should be organized for tourism. To promote tourism, it is necessary to connect Merta by rail.
– Harendra Singh Jodha, London Overseas Entrepreneur

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