Illegal Mining Becomes Canker, If There Is An Alternative To Stones, T

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The mining mafia is taking the mountains in the paraphern villages, there is a need to find an alternative to the stones in the construction of the building.

Chandra Prakash Joshi

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Ajmer. The mining mafia is selectively targeting parts of the Aravalli mountain range. Illegal mining of stones is going on somewhere in the hills of Revenue Department and somewhere in the area of ​​other departments including ADA. Especially in paraphern villages, people have made illegal mining of masonry stones as their permanent main source of income. While the alternative of stones in the construction of houses also needs attention. However, cement-ash bricks are also being used in large apartment buildings.

There are some villages in Ajmer district where illegal mining is going on for a long time. Illegal miners are also now engaged in illegal mining by digging mines in the land in addition to the hills in the land of ADA. Mining stops for a few days after the occasional raid by the mining department at these places, but then it picks up pace.

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Hill is getting clean in Kharekhdi, illegal mining continues

Illegal mining is going on day and night in the hill of Kharekhdi village due to JCB machines, blasts. Tractor trolleys transport stones by illegal mining in Ajmer city and supply them in Pushkar.

Damage to Nareli hills

Illegal mining of stones is also taking place in the hills of Nareli area. Recently, a worker was killed due to a mine collapse during illegal mining in Nareli area. But despite that, the series did not end. Stone mining is still going on in the surrounding hills.

Khoda Ganesh, Bubani area also targeted

The hills of Khoda Ganesh, Bubani hills are also getting hollow due to illegal mining of stones. A day earlier, the mining department and the police had taken joint action on the continuous illegal mining here.

Evacuation from the fence area

The hill located in the Bari valley on the Pushkar to Nagaur road has also been devastated by illegal mining.

so much is the demand of stones

Daily demand of 200 trolley in Ajmer city

Demand of 200 trolley and dumper gravel daily in Ajmer city

500 trolley stone consumption per day in Ajmer district

Now Cement Bricks / RCC Pillars as Option

Houses, big bungalows, apartments are being constructed in the city with modern technology. Buildings are being erected by putting pillars of RCC from the foundation itself. In addition to normal bricks, cement blocks/bricks are being used in place of stones.

increased demand for stone here

More than 20 crushers are operating in and around Ajmer.

300 Tractor Trolley Stones are needed per day in the crusher.

Stone grit is used in these

Stone pelts are being used in road construction, RCC pillars in government buildings, and roofs. The speed with which the demand is coming, stones are also being mined in the mountains at the same speed. In this, more illegal mining than legal is being done and stones are being supplied at the crusher.

Expert View

options need to be taken into account

There is a need to look at alternatives to reduce the dependence of stones in house construction. Now bricks of cement and ash are being used in multi-storey buildings. Hollow Bricks have also started working in these buildings. If the demand for stones increases like this, then the environment may be threatened.

Prof. Subroto Dutta, Environmental Specialist MDS University

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