Farmer’s Families On The Basis Of Animals, Need For Improved Breed-con

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Gir breed cow and Murra breed buffalo are reared by cattle rearers, less number of camels and equines in the district, production of about 7 lakh liters of milk per day in the district

Chandra Prakash Joshi

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Ajmer. Animal husbandry business is a great way to make farmers financially prosperous. Agriculture and animal husbandry are complementary to each other. Animal husbandry is now taking the form of business. There are many farmers who inspired other farmers to promote animal husbandry along with the innovation of integrated farming. But still, for breed improvement and increasing milk production, there is a need for facilities, animal protection schemes and awareness to the cattle owners.
In Ajmer district, more than 10 lakh population is dependent on agriculture and animal husbandry. Such a large population is also rearing other animals including cow, buffalo, goat, sheep. There is a need to train cattle farmers in the district and make them more aware about the activities of breed improvement programs and departmental schemes.

This is the condition of animals in the district

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3.50 lakh cows

3.40 lakh buffalo lineage

2000 camels

1500 equine

milk production

4.25 lakh liters of milk (approximately) supplied to Ajmer Dairy.

3 lakh liters of milk used in other dairy and domestic business.

Focus on these breeds of animals

Rearing of Gir breed of cows is being promoted in Ajmer. At the same time, cattle rearers and farmers are being encouraged to rear buffalo of Murrah breed. Efforts are on to improve both these breeds.

Milk consumption increased after Corona

The consumption of milk has also increased after the corona infection. Milk is also effective in increasing immunity. Milk production has also increased in Ajmer Dairy. Other milk products are also being prepared.

Ajmer became self-sufficient in production of Khoya (Fade Mawa)

Fade Mawa (Khoya) is also being prepared in the villages by the cattle rearers of Ajmer district. In this, in many villages including Arai, Dadia, Tihari, Masuda, Jhipian, Bhinay, Piloda, Ren, Ghana, Srinagar, only cattle farmers / farmers are running mawa furnaces. Where about 500 kg of faded mawa is being prepared every day.

Less follow-up of camel lineage and horse lineage

The number of camel-camel and horse-horses is less in Ajmer district. Due to the disease in camels, the fascination of cattle rearers is decreasing. Horses and horses are still raised by people as amateurs. Or they are raised by those working in marriage. Whereas sheep and goats are more than 6 lakhs.

increase the prize money

Many farmers are rearing good breed cows. On behalf of the Animal Husbandry Department, less prize money is given to cows of good breed in stature, giving more milk in cattle fairs. Only 20 times the amount of reward money is spent in transporting the cows. Animal Husbandry Department and Government should increase it.

Pantu Joshi, Gopalak

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