Angry Villagers Kept The Body Of The Young Man In Bhawanda Police Stat

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Khinvsar (nagaur). Villagers got angry when the body reached Bhavanda on Wednesday after the death of a young man injured in a serious assault on October 1 in village Bhawanda on Tuesday. Angry villagers forcibly took the body to the police station and kept it in the presence of the police. By gheraoing the police station, they protested fiercely against the police. In an attempt to enter the police station, the angry mob broke the gate of the main gate and threw it. The police chased them away using mild force.

The mob broke the gate of the police station

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– Dozens of police stations were deployed on the spot

– The MLA accused the police of working at the behest of Congress leaders

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– Anger against the police among the villagers due to the death of the injured youth

Villagers and relatives remained frozen in the police station premises till late night

– The protest continued till late night

– The young man was injured in a fight on October 1

In view of the growing resentment of the villagers, heavy police force was deployed along with the police officers of about a dozen police stations including Nagaur Additional Superintendent of Police. The dharna continued till late night on various demands of the villagers and family members.

The villagers alleged that even after twelve days after the complaint of serious assault with the youth was registered, the accused were roaming outside freely due to non-action by the police. The police officers tried to persuade the villagers many times but the villagers did not agree and were persistent on the matter of arresting the accused and suspending the SHO. MLA Narayan Beniwal, who reached the spot in the evening, said that the non-action of the police against the accused even after 12 days of filing the report clearly shows the complicity of the police with the accused. A family is paying the price for police inaction by losing its only son. This incident has exposed the insensitivity of the police. The police is working with the big leaders of the government to give credit to the criminals, due to which the image of the Nagaur police is being tarnished across the state.

heavily deployed

Heavy police deployment was deployed at the police station for security. During this, Additional District Superintendent of Police Rajesh Meena, Nagaur Deputy Superintendent of Police Vinod Kumar Sipa, Mundwa Deputy Superintendent of Police Vijay Kumar Sankhala, Merta Deputy Superintendent of Police Vikram Singh, Bhawanda Police Officer Shankarlal Meena, Khinvsar Police Officer Gopalkrishna, Panchori Police Officer Abdul Rauf, Mundwa Police Station Officer, Rajkumar Baldevram, Mundwa Police Officer, Baldevram Police Japta along with Padu SHO Ashok Bisu, Gotan SHO Sukhram remained stationed.

it is ask

In the memorandum submitted to the Chief Minister, the villagers told that the attitude of the Bhawanda Police towards the general public is very bad. He is promoting crimes in the area of ​​collusion with the accused. The police have not arrested the accused 12 days after the filing of the report. The villagers demanded from the Chief Minister to conduct an impartial inquiry into the matter, arrest the accused, remove the Vrithadhikari, immediately suspend the SHO, line up all the policemen of the police station and provide financial assistance of 20 lakhs to the family of the deceased.

raids continue till late night

As the matter escalated after the death of the injured youth, the police formed teams and raided many places. But till late night, not a single accused was caught by the police. Later, on the instructions of higher police officers, teams of several police officers under the leadership of senior police officers were raided till late night at the possible locations of the accused. Veterinary officer Vinod Kumar Sipa said that efforts are being made to arrest the accused.

this was the case

Sunil alias Sonu, a resident of Bhawanda, was standing on a shrine located in the Jogimagra area of ​​Bhawanda on October 1. During this, due to old enmity, Shobharam son Ramniwas Jat of Bhawanda came riding in a camper, Mahipal son Ramnivas Jat, Siyaram son Harsukhram Jat, Kanaram son Baksaram Jat, Jitendra son Badriram Jat, Mahendra son Baburam Jat, Suresh son Baburam Jat, Babulal Son Harsukhlal Jat, Chhailaram son Omprakash Suthar and Jeetu Banta of Manakpur beat up Sunil with sticks and bars. Due to which he was seriously injured. His father Shivram son Goparam Jat had lodged a case of murderous assault against the attackers at Bhawanda police station. Sunil died during treatment in Ahmedabad on Tuesday.

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