Simple ways to reduce shopping stress

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Any kind of stress can spoil a person’s health.

Bhopal. The festive season has started. Many times people get stressed at this time. Each of us has different habits. Some are fond of collecting something, while some are fond of buying many new things. It is okay to go shopping occasionally, but if you shop excessively and unnecessarily, then be alert because you may be suffering from a disease called ‘oniomania’.

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Shopping addiction is a dangerous addiction, which gradually takes the form of a disease. People suffering from this disease do not think of any other work other than shopping. Whenever he has money in his pocket. They spend them after shopping and later regret their expensive hobby. To know how to do smart shopping in a low budget in festivals, you can reduce shopping stress by trying these tips.

1) Keep a statement piece in your collection by spending less money.

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2) Do bargaining.

3) If you have made up your mind to buy a dress, then start with bargaining, buy only if you believe in the quality.

4) Dress swap- Exchange the dress and accessories that you don’t feel like wearing with friends.

5) Find a stand out item that will attract people from afar.

6) Avoid credit card shopping, it can make you shop more than budget.

7) Meet friends and relatives to reduce your stress.

8) Never compare yourself with others.

9) Do not hesitate to consult a counselor or a doctor.

10) Make a habit of saving.

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