Siberia Coal mine blast kills 52


Siberia Coal mine blast kills 52

Six rescue workers were also killed during the rescue operation, photo: file

Moscow: A coal mine in Siberia has burst into flames, killing 46 miners and six rescue workers.

According to the international news agency, a powerful explosion has taken place in a coal mine in western Siberia, which caused the coal mine to collapse and about 60 miners were buried under the rubble.

Rescue agencies began rescue operations and evacuated 38 miners to the hospital, where six were in critical condition and the death toll is expected to rise.

The head of the rescue team said that six rescue workers also lost their lives while performing their duties while 11 personnel were being treated at the hospital due to their critical condition.

Hospital sources said that more than 100 people have been brought to the emergency ward out of which 52 died before reaching the hospital while 49 people are undergoing treatment in the hospital.

The dead included 46 miners and six rescue workers, while the injured included 38 miners and 11 rescue workers. The cause of the blast has not yet been determined.

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