Sharad Pawar is not a disciple of a raw guru who does not accept offers of power; Chandrakant Patil’s retaliation Chandrakant patil reaction on central government offer to ncp

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Chandrakant Patil, State President, BJP

Nagpur: BJP state president Chandrakant Patil strongly responded to the NCP’s statement that NCP president Sharad Pawar had been offered power by the central government. Chandrakant Patil has retaliated by saying that Sharad Pawar is not a disciple of a raw guru who does not accept the offer of power given by the central government in Maharashtra.

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Chandrakant Patil has retaliated while interacting with the media. At present, the courtyard is crooked as the NCP cannot dance. If the Center had made an offer to Pawar Saheb to form a government with us, then Pawar Saheb was not so much a disciple of a raw guru as not to accept that offer. He would have preferred to establish power with the party at the center. So now the common man knows what it means, said Tola Patil.

No matter what happens, stay at the center

He also criticized the coalition government over the coal shortage. No matter what happens, the fault is cleared by giving it to the center. Coal is in short supply, the Center has not provided coal, it is said. But rains will reduce coal. They will not say that the Center has already told them to stockpile coal. He also said that he would not say that there was a shortage of coal even after the Centre’s warning.

So Fadnavis said

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Leader of Opposition Devendra Fadnavis had said that he feels like he is the Chief Minister. He also reacted to that. I think Devendra Fadnavis’s speech has been misinterpreted as usual. According to him, the people still expect him to be the Chief Minister. Which he felt during his tour of Marathwada. People from village to village were saying, sir, you should have been. From this, they still think that I am the Chief Minister when I go among the people. Because people don’t expect Uddhav Thackeray. They have assumed that they will not come out. Fadnavis is on the field crying every time. Therefore, people are saying that even if you are not the Chief Minister, you are still the Chief Minister. It is in that context that Fadnavis made that statement, said Patil.

What will Sampark Yatra say?

Our Core Committee Our organization runs on democratic principles. We sit every month. Yesterday we were in charge of CT Ravi. That made our discussion longer, he said. NCP is going to hold a public relations yatra. He also criticized it. Is it time for them to take a public relations tour? Should the ruling party take out a public relations yatra? Well, what are they going to say in this public relations yatra? He also asked whether the flood victims were not helped or not.

Annoyed to get something

State Relief and Rehabilitation Minister Vijay Vadettiwar is rumored to be upset. He also reacted to that. The displeasure of the Mahavikas Aghadi is to bring something even more down to earth. Therefore, there is no point in drawing any conclusions from it, he said.

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(chandrakant patil reaction on central government offer to ncp)

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