Series of arguments; New artists are being ridiculed by senior artists – apurva nemlekar from ratris khel chale and annapurna vitthal controversy


Series of arguments; New artists are being ridiculed by senior artists – apurva nemlekar from ratris khel chale and annapurna vitthal controversy

Over the last few days, some actors have been seen exiting the series due to various reasons such as issue of honorarium, behavior on set, mental harassment, overtime. There was also a change of popular personalities in the series. There was a discussion among the audience as to why the artist had changed. But the real reason behind it has not come to light. Now, however, some artists are talking openly about it. Apurva Nemalekar, who plays Shevanta in ‘Ratris Khel Chale’, and Annapurna Vitthal, who plays the mother in ‘Sahakutumb Sahaparivar’, have revealed this through various channels.

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…. so the series left!
The series ‘Ratris Khel Chale’, which depicts the events of a family together in Konkan and the mysterious thrill of the castle, became popular among the viewers in a short period of time. The third season of the series is currently underway. The character ‘Shevanta’, which was most popular in the second season, became equally popular in the third season as well. But in the episode that was screened on Tuesday, another actress appeared in the series while playing the role of Shevanta and there was a lot of discussion among the audience. Actress Apurva Nemalekar, who portrayed this personality, was asked, ‘Why did you leave the series?’ When asked about this, she revealed on social media. ‘For the role of Shevanta, I had gained 10 kg and since then I have faced negative reactions. While working on the set, new and senior performers ridiculed me for mocking the weight gain for no reason. Some reactions were deliberately repeated as it would take a while. Even after the seniors took action in this regard, the concerned new artists did not even IG a simple apology ‘, Apurva has written in the post.

As the shooting of the series was going on in Sawantwadi, Apoorva was traveling 12 hours by train from Mumbai. There was only one day of filming and the remaining 3-4 days there was no filming. So much of her time was wasted. It will take her only 5 to 6 days for the third episode, so at that time she had refused for the series. But the channel promised to give her another show. But that too has not yet been observed. She has given all this information in the post. Apurva has clarified that he decided not to stay in the series due to non-payment of work and abusive treatment. The channel did not want to comment on the matter.

Tired of mental stress …
One of the most popular series on the small screen is ‘Sahakutumb Sahaparivar’. In a short span of time, the series won the love of the audience. But now the series is in the midst of controversy. Southern actress Annapurna Vitthal, who plays the mother of the main character Surya in the series, has shared a video on social media. In it, he has accused the series’ producers, directors and co-stars of mental harassment on set. He has also lodged a written complaint with the Dadar Police Station on November 22 against the producers for mental harassment and mental harassment.

He said in the video that there was frequent ragging on the set of ‘Sahakutumb Sahaparivar’ series. She said, ‘Marathi artists are not allowed to survive in Marathi entertainment. I left this series a few days ago. But it was rumored that I was shown the way out of the series. Sunil Barve, Kishori Ambiye, Nandita Patkar and other co-stars and directors Bharat Gaikwad and Vitthal Dakve were involved in my ragging. He also revealed that Nandita had planned to take Annapurna out of the room. While doing this series, she suffered a lot and went into depression. That’s what he said in the video. Actor Sunil Barve said about the whole matter, ‘I have been working in the entertainment industry for many years and it has never happened till today, so my mind gets anxious. I am troubled by the thought of why such false accusations are being made against me. She has been working with us for over a year and a half. We all felt bad when he decided to quit the series on his own while everything was going well. It’s been three months since they left the series and all of a sudden they don’t know why they wanted to share this video or who encouraged them. ‘ Munta contacted the producers of the series but got no response.

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