Sangli: Half compensation for the land going to the highway! RS News

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Sangli; Sunil Kadam: Lands in the state’s highways were till now receiving four times the market value as compensation; But according to the decision taken by the state government, henceforth, the concerned farmers will get twice the market price i.e. half of the previous compensation for the compensation of the land going to the highway. Due to this decision of the government, the farmers whose land is going to the highway will suffer a loss of around 7.5 to 15 thousand crore rupees. Therefore, there is a possibility of major opposition to land acquisition for the new highway.

In the past few years, the government has paid four times the market price for the land that has been constructed, including the Mumbai-Nagpur Samriddhi Highway. Therefore, according to the market price of that area, the concerned farmers have received compensation at the rate of one to two crore rupees per acre. Therefore, it does not seem that the concerned farmers have to bear much hardship as they have received generous compensation even though the land has gone to the highway. On the other hand, some waste and waste lands have been sold at the price of gold for the purpose of highway work, so the respective landowners have literally become silver. However, the state government has issued two new ordinances for highway land acquisition on 6 October 2021 and 14 January 2022. According to this Ordinance, the compensation for lands acquired for highway work will be given only at the rate of twice the current market price of that area. Therefore, the lands going into the new highway will henceforth get compensation ranging from 10-20 lakhs to 50 lakhs per acre. This is going to be an injustice to the concerned farmers.

Currently there are some other highways proposed in the state including Ratnagiri-Nagpur, Pune-Bangalore Greenfield Highway, Mumbai-Goa Greenfield Konkan Express Highway, Guhagar-Bijapur Highway, Pune-Hyderabad Highway. The land acquisition work of some of these highways has started, while the land acquisition work of some highways is going to start soon. In all these highways, there is a possibility that about 15 thousand acres of land will be lost to the farmers of that area. If this much land was compensated at the previous rate, then 15 thousand to 30 thousand crore rupees would have fallen to the farmers. But due to the change in the land acquisition rules by the state government, now the concerned farmers can get an amount of 7500 crores to very much 15 thousand crores in exchange of these lands. It means that due to the rule change, the farmers will suffer a loss of 7500 to 15 thousand crore rupees.

Most of the land that went through the highways, including the Samrudhi, was barren, unirrigated, fallow or dry. Yet those lands were compensated at four times the market price. But most of the land in the area where the proposed new highways will pass is fertile, arable, irrigated and perennial. Inspite of this, injustice will be done to the concerned farmers as the compensation for these lands is only half as compared to earlier.


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